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    Here is my first version of a standalone radio based on raspian, all running on a "RPi Rev.2"

    I had written the radio program in C at that time.

    There was still the possibility to access the GPIO=00 which is no longer possible with the RPi3b+ version,

    at that time I had to unsolder the pull up resistances as they caused problems.

    I will try with the P5, - "I'll let you know if it works"

    I had not thought of that until now, because I still miss the full schematic of the RPi3b+, I only foud the reduced schematic

    In the attachment you see the wiring diagram of my first version of the radio

    SORRY that the wiring diagram is in German in some places.

    In the lower left side you can see the on/off switch to the right of it is the self-holding which is supplied with the GPIO=00.


    Hi Hias,

    Thanks for Information,

    I know that with P5/P6 unfortunately this does not work in my case, I want to turn off the RPi completely but P5/P6 needed the RPi in standby. But I always want to turn off the RPi completely because it has the 7 "touch display and the back light lights up in the standby.

    Also, the connected amplifier should not run in standby.


    Hi I am new here,

    Currently I used several Rpi on which Libreelec is running. Currently I am building a radio based on Libreelec, now I am looking for a way to set one of the GPIO already high when turning it on so that I can realize a self-holding of a button. In the further program run this button should react on a second GPIO and shut down the system again. I'm grateful for every approach. kindly Alex