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    Use the 8.0.2 build from the first post to get Kodi 17.6 on MX2.


    being a windows user,

    I used your method 2 and successfully installed "",

    but I got Kodi 17.3 not 17.6;(

    is it possible to upgrade it to 17.6?

    I would be eternally grateful.

    Hey guys,

    Huge Kudos to KOPRajs for keeping this alive,

    I decided to dig up my old MX2 and use it as a kodi client.

    I am running kodi on multiple devices with latest stable version 17.6 and all sharing the same database on mysql.

    some of my devices don't even support kodi 18 yet.

    kodi is a bit sensitive regarding all kodi connecting to the same database running the same version.

    how can I get kodi 17.6 on LibreELEC?

    huge thanks in advance.