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    I have more than one issue. Please tell me if I can keep them all here or need a separate thread for each issue.

    After upgrading my Intel NUC from libreelec 8.2.5 to 9 the video calibration resets after each reboot and needs to be readjusted.

    Check the log for errors and warnings and I find over 540 pages of errors. scrolled through them and 95%+ are informing of the repositories using HTTP instead of HTTPS

    along with a generic message about addons and unknown variables.

    The PVR simple client attempts to update the channels and guide before the VPN has loaded even though the VPN setting is set to load first during boot up.

    The error log file is too long to upload but I will if you request it.

    Thanks for your time.

    For years I have been running Libreelec on an Intel NUC and today it just startted flickering after Kodi locked up. I thought it might be a Kodi issue so I restarted the box but even the Libreelec os was flickering. Restarted again and now the firmware is flickering. Can someone point me to what could cause sudden and constant flickering in all levels of the system?