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    I'm using the community build for amlogic s905, on a tx3 mini box, and my box freeze frequently. when it hang's video playback stops. the audio playback keeps looping the last sound. and the box becomes unresponsive to the remote/keyboard/mouse (can't access it over ssh, does not respond to ping) only solution is to unplug the power supply. Is it a known issue or is it just related to my setup (in that case I would be willing to share my logs)

    Not sure if we're allowed to link directly, but look for AlexELEC 3.0.3 - the guy that builds these suggests it should work on the S805.

    I haven't tested yet, but his releases are generally stable.

    Thank's for the insight. I will give it a try

    Yes, I've been there when I was searching for a build but the last build for s805 is LibreElec 8.2. I will take a deaper look into it when I have more time may be if the code support s805 on libreelec 9 I will try to compile it myself.

    Thanks for your reply,

    Actually I don't think it's a Kodi 18 issue, but more about adapting the LibreElec code, since I managed to get OSMC for Vero 2 to run on my s805. And I'm using Kodi Leia from their nightly repository. but It is more for getting the possibility to use Kodi from the SD card and keeping android on the nand.

    Hi everyone,
    I'm looking for LibreELEC Leia for S805, from what I've seen s805 is not supported by the official source code, correct me if I'l wrong. If so is anyone working on it. It would be awesome to bring those box back from the dead as I don't think that I'm the only one having one spared.