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    I installed Emulation Station, but messages about missing systems (while retroarch sees eg snes9x core).

    Somehow I managed to be able to use a single ps3 controller (via bluetooth) within Retroarch. I applied user 1 bind all to set the buttons of controller1. However when I start the controller2 then the controller1 starts acting strange in the menu. E.g 'Down' acts same way as pagedown (all to the end of menu). When I disable controller2 behaviour is back to regular.

    Controllers seem to interfere each other?

    Fix: I have fixed the problem by turning off controller2, go to user bind 2 all (with controller1). When system asks for key input, quickly turned on controller2 and keyed in all the buttons. Now everything works fine.

    Strange thing.

    Gamestarter add-on on LibreELEC (official): 8.95.001 (Generic.x86_64).

    Within Kodi both keyboard and ps3 gamepad works perfect.

    Within Retroarch only keyboard works.

    I navigated to set gamepad user bind, system asks me to enter a key, but does not recognize the ps3 gamepad

    When disconnecting ps3 gamepad message states Device disconnected Port 0 .... controller not configured

    can anybody help?