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    So perhaps better contact your manufacturer (sony) in the meantime. May be they will fix this via a firmware update. On my Onkyo 616 and Odroid C2 it works flawlessly.

    Do you have another HDMI Device to test it with? Lets say a FireTV or a Chromecast or Bluray player? If this happens with the other devices as well, than LibreELEC team cannot change it, as the issue is on sonys side then :/
    Who knows, may be the HDMI board on your Sony is going to break down soon or so and this is the first sign of it.

    Ok, this was a good idea. I tried it with a pi running recalbox and it is the same. So moving to Sony :-(
    But thanks for helping

    Hi there!

    I've got a problem with my AVR-Standby HDMI Passthrough.

    My current setup:

    LibreElec 7.90.008 on a ODROID C2 ---HMDI---> Sony STR-DH550 (AVR) ---HDMI---> Samsung UE55 (TV)

    When powering on my AVR, everything works as expected, including controlling LibreElec with the TV-Remote-Control. After sending my AVR to Standby, it should passthrough the HDMI signal to the TV. Which it does for about 30 seconds. In this time, everything is working normal, including controlling the whole stuff over CEC. But after that time, the AVR stops sending any signal to the TV.

    I'm renembering from previous Verions of LibreElec an openElec, that the passthrough worked as excepted, so my guess is it's a problem of LibreElec settings or from the ODROID. Am I right and has anybody a solution for this?

    Thanks in advance

    I'm quite new to the Odroid C2 but as far as I unterstand the C2 has no native SPI. I found a guide to get it work over the GPIO but this seems not to work with the LibreELEC build found on the download page.
    So is there a way to get SPI work and finally get ambilight with Hyperion working?