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    I allways have a success installation with SD Card on X8-H Plus. After boot with SD card, installtointernal as @exdeniz said, mounts the file system in NAND and works great

    But "amvideocap" driver is not installed in linux kernel and I can not run Hyperion to capture video source in order to send data to Arduino.

    Someone has some workaround to get this running ? (is possible to compile kernel to install amvideocap driver?


    I have set the json file with thousand different ways and video grabber does not work. Picures, Menus and subtitles working perfect.

    The log file from Hypercon shows this:

    sh[2901]: AMLOGICGRABBER ERROR:[int AmlogicGrabber::grabFrame(Image<ColorBgr>&)] Failed to open the AMLOGIC device (2): No such file or directory

    Have you tried Hyperion with Amlogic 812 ?

    Some workaround ?

    This is the json file