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    All users already owning this device are confirming, that the temperature never exceeds 45°C even under high load, but you still keep claiming, that the cooling is a bad design.

    And the only prove are your very accurate calculations based on your excellent knowledge of thermal engineering.

    The links you were providing earlier doesn't prove anything, too, because the only one ranting about this device in all threads you linked to was you.

    Btw.: Could we please stop calling this metal thingy a "radiator", but a heatsink instead?

    Well, I'm just a user, but the CE team is a perfect example of what's wrong with some open source communities. They don't take user reports of bugs seriously and are rude and unhelpful. When I reported a bug in CE on the Odroid C2 with network performance when they weren't deleting my forum posts they blamed the network protocol (SMB) and told me I was expecting too much of my hardware. I identified the same issue in LE. In contrast the LE team took my complaint seriously, identified the issue, and made test builds within hours that addressed the issue. I guess the issue wasn't my expectations after all...

    So you can cheerlead the CE all you want, but some of us know better.

    Sure, it's easier to blame the devs instead of searching for problems in your own attitude.
    In the thread you mentioned, several users (not only the devs) offered their help and asked you to switch to NFS for testing, because it has less overhead than the SMB protocol.

    Yeah, maybe you would have ended up with the same results, but that would have helped the devs a lot to isolate the real problem.

    But you decided not to switch to another protocol (even for testing purposes), but to give rude and arrogant answers to everyone trying to help you.

    That was the reason, why some of your really inadequate answers were being deleted by the moderators.

    Here is a link to the thread:

    Blu-ray playback pausing and buffering on gigabit network - Kodi - CoreELEC Forums