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    Hi balbes150. Will there be newer versions for the S812 processor. I have an Android Box M8S and Libreelec works quite good. However, the option install in eMMC / NAND does not work. The "installtointernal" command also does not work. Any tips? Please, answer.

    I'm not balbes125 (obviously), but on his behalf, can you expand on what you mean by "The "installtointernal" command also does not work".

    I've had issues with this recently and could suggest two things:

    1) DON'T install to eMMC is the preferred option apparently.

    See this thread on how to boot from SD/USB, but still get the speed benefit from running off the eMMC.

    [HOWTO] Boot from SD card, use internal memory for data

    2) If you REALLY want to boot of eMMC as well, fetch the file manually and try again.

    See this post for more details

    LibreELEC 9.0 builds for S905 (semi official)

    Happy New Years all... I can finally ask this question...

    I currently have an original S905 Android box, and while it plays a lot of media fine, Its menu navigation is slow and it is crashing out to Android home.

    ... Time for an upgrade and hopefully I can get another 4 or 5 years out of it!


    Most importantly, I need it to be wife friendly and zip around the menu system! When it boots, it should boot straight into Kodi (and ideally, recover into Kodi after a crash).

    My TV supports 10bit 4K OLED with HDR. Primary use is 720p IPTV, but I want to play more 10bit 4K HDR H.265 local media (via ethernet).

    Optionally, I'd also like to receive DVB-T on it (and playback locally, as well as to other devices around the house) and maybe some retro gaming too...

    My research has led me too...

    Android Boxes

    $49 - X88 Max+ (RK3328, 4GB/64GB, AC, GETH, Android 9.0)

    $49 - MX10 (RK3328, 4GB/64GB, AC, GETH, Android 8.1)

    $59 - X96 Max (S905X2, 4GB DDR4/64GB, AC, GETH, Android 8.1, KODI 18)

    $67 - H6 Max+ (S912, 4GB/64GB, AC, GETH, Android 8.1)

    $99 - X99 (RK3199, 4GB/64GB, AC, GETH, Android 7.1)

    $149 - Nvidia Shield 2017 (Tegra X1, 3GB/16GB, GETH, Android 8.0)

    *All with whispers of, or community added, support for Linux OS (none appear fully working).


    $45 - Rock64 (RK3328, 4GB, GETH, Official LibreELEC OS)

    $46 - oDroid-C2 (S905, 2GB, GETH, Linux Supported)

    $80 - RockPro64 (RK3399, 4GB, GETH, Official LibreELEC OS)

    $99 - Rock960-C (RK3399, 4GB DDR4, GETH, Official LibreELEC OS)

    $109 - FriendlyElec Nano-T4 (RK3399, 4GB/16GB, GETH, Official LibreELEC OS)

    $149 - Khadas Edge-V Pro (RK3399, 4GB DDR4/32GB, GETH, Official LibreELEC OS)

    * All will required eMMC, Power Supply, Remote, Enclosure, IR, etc.

    ** Compare the RK3399 SBCs here.


    $111 - Odroid H2 BAREBONES (Intel J4105, 2xGETH, 2xSATA, 2xHDMI, Any LinuxOS) <--- Intel UHD 600 GPU)

    $140 - Beelink Gemini X45 (Intel J4105, 4GB DDR4/64GB, GETH, Any Linux OS) <--- Intel UHD 600 GPU (without 10bit support)

    $150 - X35 Mini PC (Intel 3965u, 4GB/60GB, GETH, Any Linux OS) <--- Intel UHD 610 GPU (with 10bit support)

    $150 - Vorke V5 BAREBONES (Intel 3965u - Similar to X35 above, barebones but with much nicer media features)

    * Will required Remote, IR, etc.

    ... As you can see, the S905X2/S912 and RK3399 chipsets are dominating that list. With the only real difference the vendor OS/Drivers support provided

    While I like the 'ready-to-go-out-of-the-box' of the Android TV devices, I also know that they are VERY unlikely to see any future OS updates.

    Is there an obvious winner in that list? Should I be ruling any out at this stage? Or is there a new contender coming (in the very short term!)