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    I think this thread should be marked "unresolved."

    I am still having this issue, as are others -or so it would seem.

    I am running the most recent version of LibreElec on Raspberry Pi 3.

    My wifi connection was working properly. Two days I logged on and libreelec could not connect to my wifi network.

    The kodi/settings/libreelec/connections section shows "failure" for my default wifi connection.

    When I try to manually reconnect I get the "network error / invalid arguments" popup immediately.

    This is likely not a "password character length" issue as some have suggested. In fact, I get the error and never even get to the password entry field.

    So, thinking it might be a config file or a cached file settings issue I created a new wifi name & password on my router and tried to connect to it. Again I get the immediate "network error / invalid arguments" popup without ever getting the chance to enter a password.

    Net, I created an unsecured connection on my router and was able to connect to it through kodi/settings/libreelec/connections.

    So... that was good, except that I didn't want to leave an unsecured connection open.

    So I rebooted my raspberry pi device and immediately I had no connection on boot up and the same network error / invalid arguments popup.

    since I can't get to a command prompt except through ssh, I don't know how to give more specific debug info, but will be happy to if directed.

    Someone on another thread suggested a dbus issue?