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    Thanks, that's the info I needed!

    Get a Raspberry Pi 3 B+.

    Why not import it from China for a reasonable price? Way better option than buying a crappy videocard for a crappy PC :)

    Raspberry Pi 3B+ is a great choice if you don't need 4K.

    Nah, need to wait too long for it, also, whenever I ordered something from China it was never what I actually ordered... but still, buying it here you get ONLY the board, now, you have to get a non-knockoff power supply for it, also a quality SD card (if u want it smooth)... and again the price goes much higher than a gpu and a psu.

    Well, firstly I wanted to use RPi3, seemed liked the best way, but, in my country people are selling those for such an unreasonable price (and only RPis are sold here, nothing else of that kind), and when you actaully see how much I would spend on the gpu and psu for the old pc, it's much cheaper than buying a RPi, sure, RPi has other fuctions than just being used as a Kodi device, but that's all I need right now.

    And I really don't need something to hold my stuff on a network, got one TV in the whole house so I don't really need anything special in that kind.

    I really appreciate your answer!

    Hello everyone,

    so I remembered that I have a old mobo with RAM and a CPU from my old PC. It's an Asus P5K-SE, with 4GB of DDR2 RAM and a Q8200 2.33GHz Quad Core CPU.

    I'm planning to build a HTPC out of it (a really big one when looking at the mobo's size) and I'm sure about this current hardware, a quad core cpu and 4 gigs of ram will hopefully be enough to run Kodi.

    My question is.: because I'm short on cash, I'm looking for a NVidia GT 6/7 series. I'm trying to decide between a GT730 (with a fan) and a GT630 (without a fan) for around the same price (±30€). Because it's a HTPC, I'm trying to keep the noise down, and then I want the GT630, but, being afraid of too low perfomance, I think of the GT730.

    Please, if somebody can try to help me decide which one I should get and why, also please recommend if there's a better gpu for this price range.

    Also, I'm not looking into something futureproof. NOTE: I'm not going to run anything higher than 1080p.

    Also, are those components supported by LibreELEC?

    Thanks in advance. :)