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    Sorry for late reply, I've been away without Internet. Below is the output I get from executing the command.

    Is the 2.0.3 Daemon compatible with the 1.3.15 client? I'm using Windows so I can't update to 2.0.3 for the client as far as I can tell.

    Edit: Reverting back to the version you linked has fixed the issue for me. Thank you.

    I have a similar issue with Deluge. I've updated whatever I can in coreelec and addons. Deluge Web-UI works but the daemon does not. I can't get it to work even with the sleep nor starting it manually with deluge.start or deluged.start. Not sure what to do here, had been working fine for a while until just a few days ago, not sure what changed, automatic update maybe? *shrugs*

    The issue with the slowdowns and high cpu usage of kworker seems to still occur sadly. At this point I've pretty much given up on using deluge on the odroid C2.

    Can qBittorrent web interface be used as a handler for magnet links such that clicking magnet links causes them to be opened in qBittorrent? I guess I should try and see if qBittorrent exhibits the same issue first.

    Edit: Sadly the same issue seems to be occurring with qBittorrent. This suggests to me there's probably something wrong with my Odroid C2, my USB-hub (tested two different ones) or my hard-drive? I doubt it's the hard-drive since the same issue occurs on the other hard-drive I have connected as well. So it's probably either my Odroid C2 or my USB-hub, in case it's the USB-hub then it's an issue that has happened between two different ones (same model, have two of them.) This is probably beyond the scope of this thread at this point but any thoughts of how I could go about troubleshooting this further?
    Edit 2: I'm currently testing with the other drive and the chromecast unplugged from the USB-hub in case it's an issue with power consumption between the two or something like that.
    Edit 3: I feel stupid. My USB-hub is rated at 2A output. A Chromecast itself can draw up to 2A as I understand it. Most likely two harddrives and a chromecast was too much power draw for the USB-hub which resulted in this problem.
    Edit 4: Downloaded fine with just the one harddrive connected, two harddrives caused problems though.

    Edit 5: Down to just the one harddrive yet the issue just happened again. I think it's about time to give up on this.

    Edit 6: Could it perhaps be the drive itself? In that case, how do I test it?

    See with Deluge dev if this is a bug

    Consider using qBittorrent

    qBittorrent doesn't have any standalone client as far as I understand? A standalone client is a requirement for me, I hate using web-interfaces, rather clunky IMO (biggest reason is that I haven't been able to get them to act as handlers for magnet links, and I use a lot of magnet links and it would be a PITA to copy paste that many magnet links, maybe I've just gone about it wrong?) I'll continue monitoring to see if the issue occurs again and test more with different torrents to see if the issue is dependent on torrents and then consider making a bug report when I have more data. For all I know it could be some setting I use in Deluge that only becomes relevant for certain torrents, maybe a certain number of connections or something? Are there any recommended settings for Deluge on an Odroid C2?

    Sadly this issue has reappeared again. It actually started a week or so ago. I've been trying to solve it but I've come up short. My previous solution was to re-install thoradia repository and deluge and re-position my USB-hub. That doesn't seem to help now, I even exchanged the USB-hub to make sure that wasn't the cause of the issue. Reinstalled Deluge, yet still the same issue. Basically after a few seconds to a few minutes of downloading it grinds to ~0-30KiB/s and when I type "top" it shows that "kworker/u8:" is taking ~20-60 %CPU, the issue with Deluge and kworker taking cpu seems very much linked since they occur at the same time. I don't really know what to do now, any thoughts?

    Edit: Uhh huh.. So, I removed the torrent I've been trying to download and added another one instead and it finished without any issues. Could it simply be that specific torrent that was broken or something? I feel like deluge should be able to handle these things, I feel like there's a bug here somewhere.

    Sorry for a very late reply. I basically forgot after it started working properly. I uninstalled deluge and Thoradia repository and reinstalled them, but I think the real culprit was my powered USB-hub which my hard-drives connect to. I think that the power cord for the USB-hub is slightly loose so if it's not in the absolute proper alignment it'll randomly work and randomly not work, so I think that whenever the issue happened, it was that the USB-hub lost power and the harddrives weren't accessible anymore. At least that's my theory because I haven't had any issues after the reinstall and positioning the usb-hub in a way that avoids the power issue.

    Use LibreELEC would be my suggestion. Or ask the CoreELEC devs for help.

    I tried disabling and uninstalling Deluge and thoradia from kodi addons and rebooted and the kworker thing hasn't shown up again. I think it's something with deluge that causes the kworker issue. I've got a new sd card coming and I'll try LibreELEC on this one once it arrives and see if the same issue occurs.

    When I was setting up my Odroid C2 I started with their official Ubuntu image and installed deluge on it. That one would occasionally freeze the whole OS in a weird way, I could ping it but not ssh into it and kodi's UI was working but I couldn't click anything, it couldn't reboot from the kodi power options either and I had to pull the power plug. Could it be that it's just something wrong with my C2?

    Anyway, it'll be a little while but I'll set it up with LibreELEC once the sd card arrives.


    I'm having some issues with Deluge on my Odroid C2 running CoreElec. Basically it grinds to a halt after a few minutes. It can go from ~5MiB/s download to ~2KiB/s Download and just stay there. When I run the 'top' command I can see that "kworker/u8:1" takes around ~70% CPU. I tried searching for it and in order to figure out what exactly that kworker thing is doing I seem to need perf which as far as I know can't be installed on CoreElec?

    If I restart my Odroid C2 it works just fine for several minutes, then that kworker/u8:1 shows back up, first at ~15% CPU and deluge seems fine, then 30%, then 50% and when it reaches 70% deluge basically breaks. The downloads grind to a halt and I can't add new torrents, they get added but they get stuck in "Checking 0.00%" forever.

    My setup is an Odroid C2 running CoreElec 8.95.6, I have two external drives connected to a powered USB hub, a Sony Wireless Adapter to communicate with my DualShock 4 controller, network through Ethernet and power through the EU power supply from hardkernel.

    Any idea what the issue is here or how I could go about troubleshooting it?