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    512MB boards can probably boot but won't deliver a good HTPC experience so we have no real-world intention of supporting or encouraging their usage. We intend to discontinue support for similarly under-resourced Raspberry Pi hardware with 512MB in the near future too.

    There are about 10 distros that claim they can run on older pc, even with 256MB ram, and what i noticed about librelec is that it have a very small footprint and that is much to its credit. when idle librelec and kodi consume only half of ram on my Opilite and i didn't noticed particular problems when watching supported video formats.

    Sorry for replying so late,

    the problem is solved , but from outside both kodi and Libreelec. Since the chip used in my usb dongle is a well-known RTL8153 i used the flashtool from realtek and assigned a mac address (which was marked 00:00:00:00:00:00 before flash) now i have have a normal static ip without the need for the, but i did not change the u-boot assignment.

    May be the problem was related to kodi.

    I don't think so, and i can't configure static ip based on mac from router or i still haven't found it yet. The problem seems related to kodi. here are two reboots :

    1st one :

    snd reboot :

    and in Kody interface, in system info i have another MAC address : 52:03:B0:93:41:AA, but sometimes it is the correct assigned MAC.


    i have orangepi lite and i'm running latest libreelec 9.1 update. i'm using a cheap usb-lan and it hasn't a preset mac address so at each boot there is a new mac.

    i solved this using this post procedure adapted to lan interface :

    1. (
    2. sleep 10
    3. /usr/sbin/ip link set dev eth0 down
    4. /usr/sbin/ip link set dev eth0 address 11:22:33:44:55:66
    5. /usr/sbin/ip link set dev eth0 up
    6. )&

    after that the mac is unchanged and appears with ifconfig but with ip still no success from both command line or gui , so i tried with fixed mac from u-boot with these commands

    1. setenv -f ethaddr 11:22:33:44:55:66
    2. saveenv

    the command is successfull and at u-boot prompt if i type

    1. printenv
    2. .....
    3. ethaddr 11:22:33:44:55:66
    4. .....

    the correct mac is displayed. but the fixed ip still doesn't work. am i missing something? is there something else that should be done with connman ?

    is anyone of you successfully using a remote with an H3 based device?


    i have orangepi lite (H3 device)

    my problem with fixed ip address is still not solved, but my remote (vu+ remote) is working all buttons except the most important one KEY_SELECT, ie the OK button.

    i followed the procedure on wiki (hard way) and added this udev rule to make it work on kodi

    1.  : > /storage/.config/udev.rules.d/98-eventlircd.rules

    is anyone facing this OK key not working? it works with test procedure but not in kodi.

    Jernej said, that his build is oversized for 512 MB boards. You need more RAM.

    Checking utilisations statistics shows that Jernej image has a very small footprint, only 1/2 ram is used and cpu is running at 10-20% and coldest that when used with other distros.

    i don't think that saving static ip config is related to ram. probably a bug?

    Hi all,

    i have orangepi lite and i'm using image from first post. i'm struggling to make ir to work, but for now i have an annoying problem which needs to be solvedfirst , some configs are not saved at reboot especially the manual ip address.

    i tried both from kodi settings, in connection and from the command line with ssh but still no success. i'm i missing something?