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    No SD Card Slot

    Choosing a S905 / S905X / S905D / S905W / S912 box guide

    Not Unless Father Christmas Delivers a working image :)

    I never knew it didn't have sdcard. My mistake.

    Tanix tx5 looking good s905x2 device. but ddr3 ram. isnt ddr4 better sir? Strangely heading is saying LPDDR4 on both gearbest and aliexpress and scrolling down specs, gearbest shows ddr4 and aliexpress ddr3. This is getting confusing. Is one of them lying sir?

    Sorry for the last stupid question regarding the expectation that was foolish. I meant will it be picked for development or not, but that is not important anymore as they haven't given a sd card slot.

    I am lost again.

    Dial one number higher for Rockchip releases .. although whether LE can run depends on the specific RK chipset in the box.

    Sir I have searched and found only your post mentioning s905 y2. Is there any chance it will be supported? I am thinking of buying a A95x plus with s905 y2 but haven't found any support threads for it anywhere (4 threads on freaktab though). I have opened a thread on kodi forums also, and have got some replies too specially from the gentleman who started this thread but since you are the only one who ever mentioned this specific chip, I thought I should ask you if it will be picked up for development (Can I expect something in the month it takes to deliver)? Otherwise I will just pick a S905 x or x2.

    4k not needed (my tv max resolution is 1080p).
    HDR never used. Couldn't care less I am only starting so these fine things are not main requirements at all.

    Netflix 720p or 1080p will be fine for me.

    wireless remote and/or mouse and/or voice control remote. Never used any so I could use some suggestions on these too. Anything will be fine as long as it works smooth since a novice doesn't have any experience to compare stuff.