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    I'm running LibreELEC 8.2.5 from the official installer here... not via BerryBoot and not OpenELEC. No idea if OpeneELEC is supported.

    HiassofT  bubblegum57

    Thanks guys, got it sorted last night, and today found the correct mux updates I needed for some missing HD channels not updated in the current preset muxes in TVHE . I'm impressed by the picture quality of SD channels on this thing... much better than the SD tuner built into my TV, not sure if that's because it's being upscaled by the the Pi's 1080p output or something.

    Anyway, the network streaming is giving me memories of the old DBox II days, HA! I'd like to 'experiment' with CAs and encryption on freeview if anyone could PM me any info on this?

    Thanks again anyway, and Merry Christmas.

    You could have broke it to me a bit more gently than that; 5 hours of my Saturday down the karzzy! :blush:

    Thanks very much for the info... can't wait to try this now! :thumbup::thumbup:


    I get absolutely no joy from a w_scan with either driver pack with the USB Xbox One dongle. Is that a known thing? I read the Xbox One dongle will only work with kernal 4.16... not sure if that applies with these driver packs.

    Either way, it's absolutely dead.

    edit CvH: fixed at other thread

    Read the post a little more and see that there are two driver pack options in the 9 build. Tried them both and still absolutely no joy getting it to work.

    Maybe it will work with an update in the future... ... ... or maybe the Pi TV hat will be £3 by then too ;(

    Thanks for that... I'm using berryboot so need a squashfs img file. I just tried converting my own but following the instructions on Berryboot, it doesn't work because Kodi distros work differently to others, whereby the fstab file is located in the first partition, not the 2nd one like other images. It must be possible as there are lots of pre-made squashfs images out there for Berryboot.

    My head is thoroughly wrecked now anyway so might come back another time and etch this to it's own SD card if I can find one. :thumbup:

    when it comes to command lines, I am lost.

    I puttied into my device typed 'uname -r' command not recognised

    Alright mate, no worries. I'm downloading Fedora 29 now which is kernel 4.19. I actually just came across a post on the R-Pi forums with people asking for a version of Stretch with kernel 4.16 and people mentioning the Xbox One USB dongle, so I think I'm on the right track!

    I can't remember exactly, you need to install some drivers by Crazycat. You basically have to choose one, then try it. Hopefully crazycat will answer you.

    I have one of these running Coreelec on a H96 Pro

    If I'm reading this right here: Official Ubuntu Forums

    It says kernal 4.16 is required? LibreELEC (well, Pi version) is 4.14, so is Stretch - guessing kernal 4.16+ doesn't exist for Pi distros?

    bubblegum57 - could you possibly check the kernal on your install? it's just 'uname -r' in a terminal.

    My Mate' VM image is kernal 4.15 so I need to track down a 4.16+ dist to test this on.


    I've spent just received a one of these USB dongles and spent the last 4 hours researching and trying to get it to work, to no avail?

    I seem to be getting conflicting info that they work OoTB with LibreELEC, but it just doesn seem to be the case. Am I missing something?

    Apparently I have the required firmware and drivers. I installed DBV Tools addon, SSH into Libre and ran '$> w_scan -ft -c GB'

    Only to see the dongle doesn't seem to be talking to Libre!?!?

    The dongle is listed though when I run $> lsusb.

    I'd appreciate it if anyone could provide me with any sort of info on this.