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    Planning to dual boot (Android and LE) and wifi only. My house isn't conducive to a wired set up.

    I`m wondering if MIMO will make an appreciable difference to my performance, or if AC wifi will be fine?
    Also if I'm going to be using Android, is 3GB going to help a lot with these versions of Android over 2gb?

    Should I go for the Khadas Vim2 pro? (S912 + MIMO + RSDB + 3GB DDR4)
    Or Khadas Vim1 Pro? (S905X + AC Wifi+ 2GB DDR3)
    Or Minix U1 (S905 + MIMO + 2GB DDR3)
    Or Mecool KI Pro (S905D + AC Wifi + 2GB DDR4+ Widevine)

    I'm guessing there wont be a huge difference, but wondering if there is advantages to one over another that I'm not considering other than the RAM and Wifi?
    The Vim2 is about $30-50 more? Is the price premium worth it over the other 3?

    Which one would you get?
    Or which one do you have and why?

    I installed 8.2.5 on my TX3 Mini and seems to be running fine. Wifi Working, Wireless mouse working.

    Boot from internal command is working too.

    I just want to know how to boot from Android back into Libreelec? Is there an easy way to do it, without getting up and unpluging the box?

    Then the dual boot would be complete!

    Any help would be appreciated.