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    when using plugin.program.iagl (zach-morris/plugin.program.iagl Internet Archive Game Launcher)

    it will crash because missing stuff, it has installed all deps but still not work.

    reason why i upgraded from 18.2beta to latest was non working game controller, now that works however IAGL stopped work. I have opi pc on my van, i wanted games work so when we have party there, we can play games! :)

    It is easy to reproduce the error, install latest and install plugin and start it or configure.

    Device where i tested OPI PC.

    here is logfile when i go configuration wizard:

    And here is log when start addon:

    Hello, I am currently testing the New Devel 9.1 on my Orange Pi PC, calling a live channel, SD and HD, in the TV Headend Plugin crashes Kodi completely. I have tested the 3 last versions of the plugin, always the same result. Recorded movies work in SD and HD. I hang up the log files. I hope it helps in some form.

    i have same problem. it will crash and keep crashing on other things aswell because of tvh addon. reason why this is happening, there was a auto-update from repository the versions there is bugged.

    Only way to fix this is disable the addon (kodi will crash when you do that) but it will disable. then remove, and keep settings.

    install my version of addon what i compiled link to POST DOWNLOAD . and disable right away the auto-update. there is a temporary way out until is more know what is wrong on those repository addons they does the crash.

    Would you consider adding the PVR addons for DVBViewer or others in the next builds please?

    With pvr you looking? i have compiled pvr-hts (tvheadend) addon and im using it, it is posted on previous posts the zip file :) its newest one, way newer than repository can offer :P
    or Just tell addon name i can try compile it as i have sources ready there

    NICE!! Going to try right away after get this remote thing work. :D

    Did you included lircd drivers?

    Test this: libreelec-h3.arm-9.1-devel-20181227000522-86dd2d6.tar I found the issue and it works for me now. I guess I'll post new updates tomorrow due to many issues solved.

    Heya after trying ir things got finally working, but needed this patch to get lircd included, as my remote is non standard one. it works fine some buttons, i just only need remap them :)

    Can you please keep the lirc on next releases included please? its very needed :)

    I just logged in to aliexpress to see date of the order it was Oct. 18 2015. both are orange pi pc and same batch ordered that date 2x of them. other has just been unboxing for 3 years? :DD other been on casual use with kodi16(older version libreelec)

    The cec work on that particular tv where i watch with kodi16, but this new release one wont work. this one is just that other board where edid is working, i swaped sd-cards from it. i wont stress this much, as the cec is pain of the ** for real.. of 10 tv:s one is like to work..

    Can you test with another H3 board?

    you know what, i just made myself very stupid, on other board there is no edid issues at least with 2 tv:s tested, other tv i even counted reboot 10x times without any issues. it seems you where right about static thing... very odd is the board is couple year old(been sitting around unopened) but i opened box just few days ago... it was like that from new so that it might be expected from boards like that price.. and the working opi pc is couple year old there been using. even has alot dirt on it because fan lol.

    tried also cec, and same issue with it so that was not any better, but it definitely resolved this edid crap.. very odd thing is forcing resolution was no able to fix it, so only way is keep opipc on or use it on other things where hdmi not needed.

    still going to test more tv:s, i guess it still will work.

    all of this started because i promised my 4y old daughter to install tv on room at the wall, i took precaution and started to see if cec worked on wanted tv, well no, so tested many tv:s and well here i am testing this.. (my daywork is install tv to clients, thats is because i have huge amouth old tv laying around) still im unsure with i going to install, as cec not work, maybe just use lirc :) but i keep testing, i want this to stable main/line. for sure i will replace my second tv usage with this testbuild and test it out for everyday usage.

    also need more sd cards :DDD one even broke on this process, and more boards hehe :) need to see whit one is best value with 1gig ram on this days.

    Also i have posted this post to facebook opi group, and asked ppl for test this build, it has been gathered some new ppl to test it with good results!

    Ok, that is very strange. Can you burn clean image and do this before first boot? Just to rule out any issues with saved settings.

    inserted card to pc

    backup the storage and other files found on fat.

    burned 20.12.2018 file to card

    edited config file,

    ejected card (clicking the eject on windows to have it synced propelly)

    moved card to opi pc

    start up

    it started created initial config things

    restarted went into libreelec and done first startup thing

    restarted 6 times untill got 1080p resolution

    i have noticed however this odd error on startup "bad crc while load from fat" it anyways work the /storage without any problems from fat... ??!?! look picture

    EDIT: Tried other SD card to be sure is not card issue.. same thing, bad crc..

    1. LABEL LibreELEC
    3. FDT /sun8i-h3-orangepi-pc.dtb
    4. APPEND boot=UUID=2012-1219 disk=UUID=b7a86744-01a7-4821-9069-923159da8c2c quiet console=ttyS0,115200 console=tty1 drm.edid_firmware=edid/1920x1080.bin

    that was easy :). but well it dident worked. same thing, going to fallback reso. it does right away after boot text when logo comes, like before.

    it still works certain tv, i can later try other opi board. but i doubt it is issue.. actually we need more ppl with opi pc to test this out. :D

    if you can yes, i can change kernel if needed but i need the atm using one, and point to some guide how to compile it for libreelec i can try it out and mess with code :D

    jernej is there any way i can help you on this, what logfiles need etc, how i debug it?

    on older release(kodi16) it works, so there is something about this now.

    tried xrandr but well realize it works on top of framebuffer instead xorg.?. not sure about this.. things are changing on linux world fast i cant keep up lol..

    Also tried couple boot options but it seems they have no meaning using them at boot prompt. i was looking a way to force resolution and disable edid source used setenv: Display -

    Here is dmesg:
    working resolution:

    failover resolution:

    i remind when it goes "failover" resolution, the cec will not even start to try and audio wont work at all.

    riku can you test this image: libreelec-h3.arm-9.1-devel-20181225182605-cdd7be0.tar ?

    It has potential fixes for tearing (if it really is) and EDID. Other than that, I don't really know what could it fix it. If tearing persists, please upload sample video which demonstrates the problem.

    Oh yes after some testing it seems "tearing" is way better, i could not find any channel doing it atm. i need more time to test, but i can tell its alot better on initial tests.
    About EDID, it dident worked, still need reboot many times before get right resolution. not even work on 720p/1080i tv, only on 1080p tv.

    i think if there is possible to give a force to certain resolutions would fix this? but CEC might not work properly after..

    still only one tv, the JVC only works with EDID and comes with right resolution, all other 10+ tv:s no way, need reboot many times.

    tried few more TV:s with cec, alot samsungs, none of them worked not even with old kodi 16, so support is very narrow what models it will work. i might just go with opipc internal ir, i think it can put on work, but it involves getting whole distribution recompiled to get proper libs installed..

    it is getting better and i appreciate jernej hard work on this!

    This is more cosmetic issue and low priority.

    What is the resolution of that TV? 4K TVs and monitors currently won't work.

    Yeah its not big deal, but reboot 5-10 times device before get 1080p resolution after turning off tv :DD

    The tv was 58" Philips 4k, tried 1080p 1080i 720p 4k all done same tearing. CEC Worked also, edid not work

    lg 42" 1080p, CEC worked and also done tearing, edid not work

    jvc 40" 1080p No tearing, CEC not work, also the issue EDID was working (logo came 720p then switched 1080p) <- best compatibility with edid(every reboot work right resolution) Only tv what worked with edid, but cec not working even tv is supported cec :(..

    samsung 50" cec not worked, also edid not worked. not checked tearing

    samsung 27" cec worked, edid not worked, was tearing at 1080p not tried other resolution

    philips 46" cec not worked, edid not worked. no tearing

    philips 47" cec not worked(it detected however as kodi), edid not worked. tearing happening. THIS TV is on use on older version libreelec with kodi16 where was latest patch hw decode. there is no issues with tearing or cec, they work well. so definitely issue is on kodi 18

    here is pic what i men tearing

    tried 2 different hdmi cables, just to be sure not the issue.. resetted some tv:s factory defaults also, dident help

    Update was done successfully, one thing I realized is that when I turn off the system gets stuck a screen. Then I'll post a picture of how it looks. The system for Orange Pi Pc Plus works very well.

    I can confirm this same. going to power and switch power off option will stuck on screen.
    Also turning off tv with hdmi cec enabled it try go suspend and that will fail, pressing button on orangepi manually it will power off :DD even it should wake up from suspend.
    Only way around this is never turn tv off, always power off from SCB first. if not doing so it will go suspend and hangs there.


    After testimg other tv:s it still does the edid thing, i think it migh be board releated now.
    Other thing, after plugin in to bigger tv i started notice horizontal tearing on picture. i will take picture later to show what i mean, it happens only on fast moving video.

    Use my github repo mentioned in first post.

    Okey, now i understand why not addon included, it took ages on xenon to compile :D

    It works fine every channel works well, HD 1080p channel one core goes 100% but that is ok, picture is smooth. both codecs are hardware decoded, hd and sd ones from dvb-s and dvb-t

    If you ask me, this is very close to release! i dont see any big problems. i will test hdmi on other tv aswell see if that edid probelm goes away, as it work on older kodi16 release on same board without problems.


    EDID problems was also on 4k tv, needed reboot until right resolution. however at boot text that was 4k every time, only when libreelec logo came it went low resolution, so there is something about auto recognize upon kernel load.
    but when it worked it was fine. except playing 4k content done green stripes and crashed kodi.

    to ppl who have problem with HDMI CEC you need have it turned on your tv. and TV NEEDS TO BE ON SOURCE ON before turning the device on, otherwise it will not detect the cec.

    again very good work! happy xmas :) looking forward next release.

    attached the pvr.hts tvheadend if someone wants it