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    First post on the forums. I have been reading a lot of reviews and forum posts but confused and lost! Would you please recommend me several alternatives for my needs:

    Setup: source (searching) > denon s730h receiver (hdcp 2.2 and atmos capable) > 4k projector and 5.1.2 atmos speakers

    What I need / am looking for:

    a. Netflix 4k HDR + atmos + if possible auto frame rate switching.

    b. Able to play 4k HDR + passthrough atmos (lossless) via hard disk (file sizes will be big so NTFS is required) and/or using Kodi.

    c. Able to use/play IPTV.

    d. ethernet connection.

    e. cost: as low as possible

    I thought of :

    - Apple TV 4k and firestick tv 4k but they are lacking (b),

    - using my pc (ryzen 2200g) but AMD haven't released playready drivers for Raven Ridge APU's and I found investing in a RX550 or higher polaris cards or gtx 1050 cards to be expensive and they could very well be cumbersome (drivers, windows issues, etc.),

    - not sure about S905D or S912 based android boxes (I have a mecool ms8 pro + and netflix is down once again - twice this year - due to licensing issues) but I am open for a reliable one.

    So, can you please recommend something suitable for me or share your thoughts.