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    Maybe you could try to install it on a fresh system(guess you have also an android installed beside-then maybe just delete the libre files via adb or root-file-manager to keep your settings and apps on android). Maybe that way you got no conflicting files of older install and it works for you then...

    ..did you activate new bootloader by using the update&backup app in android, loading the! This might be needed to load the newer builds properly, even if boot from card is activated already. Had some troubles with that after using a libreelec le potato official build to test. After that trying to boot the balbes-build again failed until I re-installed the zip with android..

    Did you try to get an armbian work on your box? Maybe try a newer Version and also an older one. If that works, maybe you could use the dtb from these builds..

    ..and you downloaded a s812 version of the rom(and not one of the s9xx builds?!)?..
    What happens if you copy the original dtb to sd card and try to boot?! For me on s905w-boxes (x96mini & tx3 mini) the builds work fine using the right dtb..

    In my collection of several dtb's for many boxes I found one specific for your m8splus(just unzip and insert in BOOT/dtb and alter uEnv.ini)-maybe that works.

    Maybe try also another (older build) and try to update that if you get it work..



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    Hi e123enitan, I successfully installed the system on 2 of 3 boxes to internal after having it working on card. It is quite simple:

    1. check/alter data_to_emmc_uEnv.ini(in BOOT) to fit the same dtb file working for you with sd card

    2. boot to libreelec from your card

    3. choose the libreelec icon in settings and navigate to services

    4. navigate to eMMC in the list(the point under bluetooth), choose Install to eMMC and start the process

    5. the files are transferred to internal and after some seconds the box is ready and powers off

    6. pull your sd card out of the device

    7. start the box and enjoy libreelec from internal! :-)

    P.S.: If possible keep the card safe, just in case you need to reinstall libre with all your settings, addons and stuff..

    I've tried all the different dtb files into SD root card without success.

    I guess it didn't work because you copied the dtb into sd card root (like on older builds). With the latest builds you need to alter the uEnv.ini (and data_to_emmc_uEnv.ini too if you want to install to emmc AFTER getting all work from sd card) with an text editor and change the path/name from the different dtb files. No need to rename them in root of card!

    For me this builds work good. Even front display and remote is easy to get working on tx3 mini. When installed to internal besides android, how to reboot to libreelec on internal(sd card works, reinstall to internal too..) after using android?!