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    I have the exact problem with my S905W box. Infinite boot loops although after first install I get scrolling text ending in 'Reached target Kodi Media Center'. I've been trying to run LibreELEC for the past month or so and it's the same with every image.

    For me all AMLGX images boot and work basically nice on x96mini (p281, s905w) 2/16.

    NIC OK (USB-Wifi works too..)

    USB-Sound OK (HDMI audio not tested since I got no speakers on screen)

    Remote OK


    Local video/audio files(NAS, USB-Drive) play flawless.
    Only issue I got (with every image after 2019-05-22) is that on several streams I got audio working but no picture(screen stays white or shows single frame). But I never got bootloops or similar.
    So maybe you got an defective card!? Which version did you try?
    Which dtb did you enter in config files? For me meson-gxl-s905w-p281.dtb is/was always the best working one on s905w..

    ..sure security is a thing, but most smartphones deliver more data and are often pretty weak too!..many people rather have a working 3.xx-Kernel-Mediaplayer (maybe kept in guestnetwork for security reasons when you are strict) than one with new kernel, but with some issues, unsupported hardware etc. ..

    For me on all builds after 20190522 I got problems on the x96 mini 2/16 box, as always meson-gxl-s905w-p281.dtb dtb, internet via eth and sound via usb audio(wifi chip usually doesn't work and I got no speakers on monitor to benefit from hdmi audio):
    -streams showing single frame(audio working) or white screen

    -remote not working (on one june build it worked again)

    Everything else works like expected on all june builds for me.

    Last build tested: LibreELEC-AMLGX.arm-9.1-devel-20190621161139-723bcce-s905x.img.gz

    20190614 build, x96mini 2/16:

    Ethernet, USB-Sound(still got no speakers on display to test hdmi audio), Remote working as usual.
    Didn't test, but I guess WIFI and 3.5mm analog audio not working(as always)

    -Got problems to connect to libreelec addons repo(as a workaround I took some addons/repo zips from other card with a LE s905 version from late may..)

    -on several streams/video files I got just a completely white screen shown playing just the audio

    Any update on anlogue audio for s905w? I can help with testing.. far as I know no progress for internal av port..easiest way around is a still a cheapo 1$/€ sound card. I tried several, but on libreelec and armbian this one does the best job best for me(there is a black 7.1 device also around that price, which is often not recognized properly and wider blocking other ports little more, so blue one is better choice. If you need both usb ports already, take a simple passive 3-port usb hub (cost under 3€) which works perfect on my tx3mini s905w; on x96mini prefer one with a short cable because hubs(2ports on back and one on top ) are too thick and you need to turn box upside down or place something under box to equalize hub..

    Just a quick feedback:

    On the LibreELEC-S905.aarch64-9.1-devel-20190211122903-cb10a6b (downloaded last evening and I'm too lazy to setup the slightly newer version now) everything on my usual x96-mini 2/16 testbox with Armbian Next on eMMC works pretty good from card: USB-audio, Ethernet(works also after reboots) and even the ZattooHiQ works now flawless. Video from local or NAS are also played as expected(tested only mp4/mkv files so far..). Also this is the first aarch64 version I could connect without any issues to Libreelec-Repo!

    1. I can not say anything about installtointernal as I use the 4.x branch card only on the box I have armbian installed onto. Maybe do a backup and give it a try, or stay safe and use LE (meanwhile) on card until you know install is working.

    2. the sound via HDMI should work on most boxes (the ordroid c2 seems to be one of those few which got NO sound via HDMI). AV works (so far) only with 3.14 kernel, but the newest builds can use usb soundcard now. Tested two different chinese cheapo 1€-cards, both work well. I picked the smaller one to have more space for usb plug from keyboard/mouse combo.

    So sound only via HDMI on TV/screen or via a (cheap) usb sound card connected to an amp.

    Try running the external media version for Odroid C2 (by changing the dtb). I'm interested in how the network will work.

    On todays C2 image ethernet is working perfect(no need to activate at 10+ reboots) on x96mini 2/16G. Usb sound active and working too. Also Music and local video playing fine. The odd behaviour from Zattoo HiQ showing single Frame with working audio persists, but Zattoo live works. Maybe the HiQ addon simply works not correct on aarch64, but I'll test that further.

    So far that is the first usable LE with kernel 4.x for me(hence no speakers on monitor to use HDMI)-thank you for your images and the good & quick support!

    On newest build the usb sound works nicely, but the Ethernet needs every time to be reactivated after reboot in libreelec settings. Is there a way to avoid that? Also I got problems watching some streams via Zattoo-HQ Plugin(Zattoo live tv works), but that needs some further testing(and comparing settings with box running older LE version). Test box for fresh version is as always x96mini 2/16G (armbian on eMMC)

    Hmm, strange. Which android version is on your device? Did you try to boot other os like armbian or something other from card/USB? On a friends box he had problems with LE(other build hence other cpu) too, but those were away after (successfully) trying to boot an armbian for that device. Maybe that attempt works(with suitable armbian) for you on that picky s905d-box too?!

    Others reported it depends on sd-card if the could boot another system. Did you try other card(s) too?
    All I can say is, that for me(and my neighbours) LE(and armbian of course) work on several s905x/s905w devices pretty well and is there easy to install and use... activate the multiboot via you need to boot android and use the "update&backup" app there. choose from the card(inserted after android boot) and the box should after some seconds try to boot from external media. All attempts to update via recovery directly seem not to work..

    Maybe you give the official c2-builds a try..if you use these generic s9xx(x/w/d) builds here burn the image onto usb drive or sd card and start with unaltered media, if it doesn't boot, open the disk on pc and change the path to the used dtb-file in the uEnv.ini file on LIBREELEC partition. If unsure which dtb you need, try out-in dtb folder there are a vast of them, most likely one will work for you too.
    I'm not sure if c2 needs a special treatment, but everything needed for boot should be with the build.

    ..the Kernel is in the image and has nothing to do with the Kernelversion of your android.. just try a new build (nov/dec '18) and follow the instructions carefully(the procedure is DIFFERENT from that on old kernels!..). Most likely all that will result in an working LE for you...

    What file I need to download and where I need to put it?


    Hi, because some settings from older builds give problem on LE9-builds and a fresh install is recommended, I guess the best way to test if all(including netflix, smb etc.) works for you is burning the img.gz of the builds(maybe try arm build first) from first post in this thread onto an micro sd card and try which of the p200 dtb files fits best to your box and its specs altering the uEnv.ini file.
    When LE is booted and you did your basic settings (network, timezone etc.) you need to activate the Netflix addon via the kodinerds addon in addon section.

    AFTER you got everything working properly you could easily install it via Libreelec section in settings(the install options are found there in service section) to internal, or like many users run it right from card and use whatever you got installed (e.g. android 5.1 and older LE) on the box if card isn't inserted.

    I haven't used 3.14 kernel images since August this year. I don't know what S905W box you have but a 1GB/8GB TX3 mini I have runs fine.

    I wish I could say the same!.. problem with tx3mini 2/16 is that on all 4.xx-Versions I got no sound because my monitor has no speakers, so sound just delivered over hdmi is absolutely useless for me. I mostly use on these s905w boxes(got 3 of em) av-port with a 3.5mm to cinch cable connected to old '80s analogue stereo Amps and huge PA-speakers(2x15"+ 18" subs..) , also a usb-soundcard(which works with all armbian or 3.xx-LE-Versions perfect but also needs one of the precious two usb-ports, which I block on LE-Box with mini-keyboard and HDD for Music & Videos already) isn't recognized on the newer 4.xx LE-builds I tested. It seems if there is no solution to get the av-out working, I have to stay on 3.xx Kernel on the LE box, because neither a new Amp nor a new TV/Monitor are an option..