Posts by turgus use these images properly,

    you need to change the name of used dtb file(fitting to your hardware) in FDT line in uEnv.txt (no copy & rename).

    After inserting sd card you need to start your box with pressed reset-pin(mostly inside of av port, pressed with small plastic stick or toothpick..). Then LE should resize partition and reboot to le (and start basic setup).

    If system doesn't boot try other dtbs delivered with the image..I don't know your board, but with a s905x p212 should be a good try..also use a mouse and or keyboard until you setup your remote..

    Maybe we could find back to normal testing stuff when advising:

    When switching between different *eelecs it COULD work when doing "reboot update" or booting with toothpick-method. If you run into (strange) problems after that, you should try re-installing original firmware and changing u-boot stuff starting from stock one.

    So people who like could check in few minutes if they can go the "quick and easy way", or if they have to do the longer procedure starting with fresh stock firmware..

    Besides the problems with some addons still not py3-ready the

    LibreELEC-AML.arm-9.80-devel-20191205090358-6e9040d-amlgx.img.gz Build works nice on my x96mini 2/16 with eth.
    Since may this is the first release where even plugins with widevine like joyn or zappn work again...libreelec with kodi 19alpha seem to move forward into an usable direction somehow-nice! :-)

    ..also etcher works good for me on linux to write all variants of images(armbian, *eelec..)..

    cigarron : There was a change in structure of dtbs, so the old ones(from kernel 3.x) doesn't work on newer you have to determine which of the dtbs that came with the build works best with your hardware by changing the uEnv.ini..

    I found out that LibreELEC-H3.arm-9.80-nightly-20191029-708dbf9-libretech-h3.img.gz works on the sunvell r69 v1.3 too, There I get even sound via av plug(or HDMI). Sure just usb-wifi works(ethernet not tested yet) as internal crappy chip isn't supported.
    So I'll go with those builds instead(works like the beelink + av audio..) and maybe try to activate remote somehow.

    As the older nightlies are gone, I somehow re-compiled the c9510d4 version for libretech-h3 which was the one with kodi 18.4(pre-python3) I have for beelink x2 working with all addons I use:

    1. git checkout c9510d4
    2. PROJECT=Allwinner ARCH=arm DEVICE=H3 UBOOT_SYSTEM=libretech-h3 make image

    After copying the userdata from beelink build(was too lazy to install again) it works now for 2+ hours pretty nice and stable. So I got this old box working (nearly) perfect after dusting two years in shelf..really nice!
    Sure I will test newer images when there is a release...

    Thanks for the quick reply!

    Okay, I'm not sure if I could solder a serial adapter(weather should be cold&rainy on weekend so maybe I'll give it a try..)..but when I read your info, I think I should just be happy that this nightly works that good on the odd box as main functions are really okay.

    Well, that reboot doesn't work properly could be an issue of the/my r69..on crappy original android there was no reboot option which forced powercycle to reboot too and on several armbians especially compiled for r69 it often didn't work either from card. At least just the armbian now on emmc reboots perfect..and for kodi on libreelec works a restart via ssh(not a reboot) to satisfy addons' wish to reboot to re-read configs after changing settings.

    It would be nice to integrate the remote of the beelink(guess many users would appreciate that..). Maybe this is even helpful for me(could compare the codes with the file which works for that remote on other box). I thought remote isn't working , like the power led too because gpios aren't assigned properly in beelink dtb, similar to amlogics s905x/w where often basic functions are given with wrong dtb, but correct one brings more/all features. Is there a guide how to edit extlinux.conf?
    I will test av audio and ethernet later. For me it is no problem that XR819 isn't supported, because a cheap(under 2€ shipped) 150MBit USB-Wifi does the job often better on all those cheap china boxes.

    I'm really happy that after nearly two years this box is now a somehow quite usable mediaplayer!

    Hi, after installing armbian on an old sunvell r69 H2+ 1/8GB (V1.3 red pcb) i tried one nightly on micro-sd-card made for Beelink x2: LibreELEC-H3.arm-9.80-nightly-20191019-c9510d4-beelink-x2.img.gz

    It works pretty well on that box(for armbian I added a fan to keep it cooler) with unchanged dtb:

    what works out of the box:

    -HDMI 1080p (even the glitches often found on android & armbian using higher res than 720p didn't appear in 2 hours test!!!)

    -HDMI Sound

    -both USB ports working(used one for dongle from keyboard-mouse-combo and other for usb-wifi)

    -power LED is red (not perfect, but this way I see which os is booted: blue heartbeat=armbian, red=libreelec)

    -addons using widevine work flawless (did just a short test with joyn for maybe 1hour)

    -card reader (boots from that device.. ;-) )

    -internal Memory (formatted ext4 for armbian)

    -ethernet working

    untested/not working:

    Ethernet = untested

    internal wifi = not working

    av-port = untested not working

    remote = not working (used remote conf working with that remote on s905w-box *eelecs)

    optical = untested

    software reboot = not working (device needs switching power supply to reboot)

    power off via gui = not working (get "system halted" message, but device stays powered somehow)

    I guess some problems are caused by using beelink-dtb (that one from kernel 4.14.xx Armbian doesn't work).

    Is there a way to convert the dtb from armbian build to work with libreelec too, or is there a way to edit the dtb/dts from the beelink-box to enhance support of sunvell r69 v 1.3 hardware?

    I have the exact problem with my S905W box. Infinite boot loops although after first install I get scrolling text ending in 'Reached target Kodi Media Center'. I've been trying to run LibreELEC for the past month or so and it's the same with every image.

    For me all AMLGX images boot and work basically nice on x96mini (p281, s905w) 2/16.

    NIC OK (USB-Wifi works too..)

    USB-Sound OK (HDMI audio not tested since I got no speakers on screen)

    Remote OK


    Local video/audio files(NAS, USB-Drive) play flawless.
    Only issue I got (with every image after 2019-05-22) is that on several streams I got audio working but no picture(screen stays white or shows single frame). But I never got bootloops or similar.
    So maybe you got an defective card!? Which version did you try?
    Which dtb did you enter in config files? For me meson-gxl-s905w-p281.dtb is/was always the best working one on s905w..

    ..sure security is a thing, but most smartphones deliver more data and are often pretty weak too!..many people rather have a working 3.xx-Kernel-Mediaplayer (maybe kept in guestnetwork for security reasons when you are strict) than one with new kernel, but with some issues, unsupported hardware etc. ..

    For me on all builds after 20190522 I got problems on the x96 mini 2/16 box, as always meson-gxl-s905w-p281.dtb dtb, internet via eth and sound via usb audio(wifi chip usually doesn't work and I got no speakers on monitor to benefit from hdmi audio):
    -streams showing single frame(audio working) or white screen

    -remote not working (on one june build it worked again)

    Everything else works like expected on all june builds for me.

    Last build tested: LibreELEC-AMLGX.arm-9.1-devel-20190621161139-723bcce-s905x.img.gz