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    I installed Librespot 8.2.111 on LibreELEC 8.2.5 on an RPi3B+. I can connect from my Android phone (Spotify version and start playing, but after a few tracks, it stops. From that point I am unable to reconnect to Librespot from my phone until I reboot LibreELEC.

    I have:

    set wait for network in LibreELEC settings

    left username and password blank

    tried Kodi mode

    LibreELEC log:

    journalctl -u service.librespot:

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    I can see it claims that the connection was reset by peer, but I'm not doing anything. I found a related Github issue, but I'm not having this issue with the Volumio plugin which is based on Librespot. I've read a few comments (though I'm not sure they are relevant to this issue) from users who removed PulseAudio to fix Librespot. Is that an option on LibreELEC?

    In summary, a LibreELEC device only behaves as a Spotify Connect client while it is not playing a media.

    Last time I checked, a PS4 behaves the same: it will not play Spotify while a game is played.

    It makes sense when parents and teenagers share such devices ;)

    The addon could be updated to switch this behaviour on or off, but I neither have time or a need for it. Contributions are welcome

    That has never been true. The PS4 Spotify app launched with support for music during games and still has it.