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    So finaly i had some time to investigate this, as you can see above, it was my first time compiling an Linux Image.

    Thx to the Libreelec Wiki, its not so complicated.

    I got VM Image of latest Ubuntu running on Virtual Box. Set all up:

    Compile []

    cloned last Libreelec Master sources from git

    cloned GitHub - npcomplete13/ Just enough OS for KODI to another folder.

    copied changed files from npcomplete 13 repo to the Master:

    Add support for X99 TV Box · npcomplete13/[email protected] · GitHub

    Add X99 Support patches · npcomplete13/[email protected] · GitHub

    (click on "..changed files")

    and finaly i found out witch uboot param it was (found in sources scripts/uboot_helper)

    Compiled with:
    PROJECT=Rockchip DEVICE=RK3399 ARCH=aarch64 UBOOT_SYSTEM=skykirinx99 make Image

    copied to sd card with Installation of LibreELEC [].

    most things work now, samba is slow, so better use sftp, Harddrive is going offline if directly on usb3 port - so i use usb hub,

    no vnc, no moonlight, Kodi Libreelec Addon library is not available. V9 videos works. Device not turning display off and doesn't start after shutdown.

    Kodi HDMI CEC config is found in "Settings->System->Input->Peripheral Devices->CEC Adapter",

    you can configure the behavior of turning on/off TV and others.

    PS: first Compiling run took 7 hours...

    Hello guys, i would like to compile the libreelec, but i yust dont get it to work,

    i have tried the image from above npcomplete. got it to an microsd card with LibreELEC.USB-SD.Creator.Win32

    box booted just after inserting the SD card and pluging the power cord in. Kodi,HDMI CEC works, display clock displays correctly and so on. But i have some vids doesnt playing corectly (h265 VP9). So i would like to Compile most recent Image with updated rkmpp.

    I have copied //packages/multimedia/rkmpp folder from most recent Libreelec git, over the one in npcomplete sources.

    and Compiled with "PROJECT=Rockchip DEVICE=RK3399 ARCH=aarch64 UBOOT_SYSTEM=rockpro64 make image"

    but this image doesnt boot, device blue LED splash once, and i can see red LED glowing inside, can you please, help me?

    hardd : plz could you upload me your most recent image, i would like to test it.