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    The rock 64 definitely runs slightly hotter than Amlogic chip quadcore boards I own.

    Nothing to worry about. They lock up in the 80c temp.

    Play the 720p or any file using Hardware acceleration and it stays in a safe temp zone .

    Mine is in the acrylic perspex cover with the small heatsink.

    If i play any sd content using software decoding i will get a heat lock up at around 80c nearly every time.

    Thanks for the info; I was just measuring the temp with the builtin cputemp command but it seemed to work well enough.

    How can I tell if the hardware decoding is working properly? Should it all be turned on already, or do I need to do some tinkering with from the stock Nightly build?

    Someone mentioned having to manually enable hardware decoding on one of the recent pages of this thread, but I believe they were running an Armbian build.

    I've just bought a Rock64, and booked it up last night with the latest LibreElec nightly (flashed to microSD). Video and audio playback seem good for the couple of files I had a chance to try (both h264 and h265), but the board seems to be running surprisingly hot: 65-70 degrees when playing a 720p h264/AAC file, and 55-60 degrees when sitting idle (nothing running beyond the builtin bare Kodi install). I've got the board mounted in Pine64's aluminium case and the case feels quite warm to the touch, so it shouldn't be a heat dissipation issue.

    Are these temperatures normal for a rock64 running LibreElec, or am I right to find them surprisingly high?