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    First of all thanks for the great work! I have been testing LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.2.5-Chroma.422.10bit.img on a X96 (s905x) in combination with an LG OLED C8

    Everything looks really good accept for video stuttering in some specific x265, 23.976fps movies.

    First I couldn't put my finger on why it not happened to every movie, but now I can.

    It happens for every video file that has a number of lines that is not a multiple of 8.

    818/8= 102.25 -> problem

    800/8 = 100 -> no problem

    1038/8=129.75 -> problem

    1080/8= 135 -> no problem

    In the problem cases you can also see that the bottom lines are copies of each other. It seems like the AMLogic hardware doesn't like the case where the lines are not a multiple of 8 or are we configuring the amlogic hardware wrong somehow?

    Is this issue known to you?

    Edit: I did some more testing with the latest CoreELEC and I didn't see the stuttering. I did see the same bottom line being copies of each other in case the height is not a multiple of 8. So perhaps the stuttering is not related to the height of the video.