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    LibreELEC 9.0 running on Raspi3

    Spotify running on android 8.0.0


    With the LE8-system and librespot, spotify sees the new device directly.

    With the LE9-system unfortunately it doesn't... From the log however it seems that librespot is not running, right?

    Hi together,

    I'm struggling for hours now and cannot get it running on my raspi3, LE9.0 Milhouse builds.

    Earlier in this thread it seemed Milhouse builds are not captured by this addon. However, this is shoud not the case for librespot 9.0.113 (received through installing from repo) any more, right?

    IIRC milhouse builds use a different kernel than the latest beta, and some addons may therefore have to be rebuilt

    Milhouse nightlies are based on LibreELEC master (9.0), Librespot 8.1.102b is based on LibreELEC 8.1: your configuration is unlikely to work at all, because of mismatched libraries.