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    So minor little issue.

    I have set the resolution on my wetek play 2 to 1080p 50hz given that most TV channels are broadcast at 50hz, saves changing resolution.

    However some movie channels are at 24hz or 25hz and normally that would change to the correct resolution. I can see in the properties that the frame rate is 25hz, so why does the system "think" it's 50 Hz after changing it to 25hz initially.

    Channel is 25hz kodi changes it to 25hz then to 50hz 5 seconds later. It has once or twice changed back to 25hz mid program only to change back again to 50hz 1080p

    Adjust display refresh rate: start/stop

    Sync playback: off

    Number of buffers : 2

    Resolution: 1920x1080p

    Refresh rate: 50

    Something is wrong with your XML file. The syntax isn't correct. You need open the XML in notepad++ or any other that can verify.

    Some channel name or something hasn't been written correctly

    Downloaded the add-on as part of the dvb-tools in the librelec repository. Here are the outputs of some commands after tuning into a channel via tvheadend.

    dvbsnoop -s sec -nph -n 10 0x12

    I'll be honest when I tried it with a coreelec build, and entered the following command :

    dvbsnoop -s sec -ph 3 -n 10 -crc 0x12

    I got some tables but they just contained gibresh, I'll try posting it. First time I tried it I got event information for the next 10 events. When I try it now, it just doesn't do anything, just shows the dvbsnoop version information.

    It is also the same time I started noticing that tvheadend started showing poll time out errors as well as:

    Failed to config dmx on PID xx operation not permitted.

    My question is if dvbsnoop is supported by s905 amlogic devices. I see the addon and installed it. I got some information out like EIT information. Now it doesn't want to work, so I am thinking perhaps it was a fluke and it isn't supported on these devices.

    CvH I am suffering the same problems at JohnBoyz.

    I thought I'd give a bit more information on the matter. DVB-C / DVB-T references are not being mapped at all. I have gone on take a list from tvh api grid and select a few and name them in the following format, so i know they exist in the services:

    #SERVICE 1:0:1.........:

    Now I know it is the right file format because when i point tvh to it using file:///storage ... It begins to do something and then a message comes up saying: Transaction Cancelled or aborted, something like that and then the interface just crashes.

    In the logs i can see the following line intermittently

    mpegts: too much queued table input data (over 2MB) for Sony CXD2837ER DVB-T/T2/C demodulator #0 : DVB-C #0, discarding new

    I have tried the LE tvheadend server addon as well as the docker and both seem to be exhibiting similar issues.

    Your help in this matter is much appreciated.

    I have an idea of what I want to do with keymap file. I'd rather just go through notepad and add all my actions into an XML file. How can I get a list of these key id's

    The scan table from the documentation shows that they are hex but when I convert it to decimal the numbers don't match for my example key. What's the conversion to key id to 5x0xxxxx

    I have an xml file which contains channel names associated to the channel id and the service reference numbers.

    I have an xmltv feed or rather multiple feeds split into categories. I believe I can combine them into one big /xml file containing all the program info. The only link between the file above and this file is the channel id.

    Is it possible for TVheadend to pick up the service reference numbers from the channels and allocate them to the program info from the second file?

    I believe if I have understood this correctly, it needs to be done via a grab file? Documentation on this is very limited, any help would be appreciated.