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    Hello and thank you so much for the speedy response! I hate to even ask but I have spent about 2 hours this morning searching for my es_systems.cfg and cant find any trace of it manually or searching for the file with filezilla via ftp could you please give me a clue as to where it is? The linuxish file structure is completely alien to me and a ton of google searches hasnt done much but make me believe I am searching for a hidden folder maybe? I have always just used the ES addon setting in kodi menus and there my PSP emulator is set to "PPSSPP" which matches the name of the core i use in RA. I also have searched google with no luck on how to find my ES logs. But I cant even find my .emulationstation folder at all so Im sure its probably there huh? Thanks again and sorry for my lack of knowledge I tried my best to figure these things out but I am just not able to. I am using your add ons, Kodi, Libreelec, Pi3 with 3tb hdd storage but all programs run from sd card. Thank you so much again I hate to waist your time.

    Hello! I have been using Emulation Station and Retroarch on a pi3 for a couple months and love it. I have been using ES with no trouble to play nes, snes, psx, neogeo n64, tg16, etc.but for some reason I cannot get ES to load any PSP games. It shows all the roms and box pics (in ES) but when I click a game it just reloads the menu as if the correct core is not loading from RA. I have PPSSPP set as my psp emulator and all the games boot and run fine if I play them in RA so I assume the PPSSPP core is installed and working properly in RA. Also thank you for all your hard work brother and I am a complete noob also so apologies in advance.