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    I had the same "problem" which was solved by spending £15 on Amazon to get an IR extender box that sends any IR signals that point vaguely near a small receiver discreetly positioned on the outside of a media cabinet to the 5-6 devices that are hidden out of sight inside it. This works without fault and supports any IR devices and requires zero networking or configuration. Sometimes low-tech solutions are best.

    Thanks for the suggestion, That's something I had not thought of.

    Ideally I would still prefer to get Bluetooth working but I could always fall back to this method if I cant.

    Do you happen to know if there is a problem with the internal Bluetooth with this build?

    My experience is that IR is not so smoothly on 8.2.5 than was on 8.2.3. For remote control is good aplication as Kore or also Cetusplay through wifi home network.

    Thanks for the suggestion but my problem is I have my box in a media cabinet so the IR wont reach it and an app will not have the ability to power it on & off.

    I don't think the onboard Bluetooth is working, I know you can buy separate a Bluetooth USB adapter but I'm not sure that would work for powering on the box via a remote control?

    Quick question if anyone could answer it would be appreciated.

    I have version 8.2.5 running very smoothly on my Tanix TX3 Max.

    The infrared remote it came with is not very useful so I was looking to replace it.

    I tried turning on Bluetooth & put my my FireTV remote into pairing mode but it does not come up as an option to pair.

    Is Bluetooth not working on this version?

    Thank you