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    Please provide version of LibreELEC and version Librespot.

    thanks for replying!

    I was on an older version of libreelec (8.x) and accompanying librespot.

    I took that reply as a "try updating and tell me how it goes".

    I updated to the latest version, everything works fine now. Sorry for not trying that first!

    thanks again for your work on this project

    Interesting problem here.

    tl;dr: audio playback is slowed down (maybe 90% of original speed) when playing through the 3.5mm port.

    I have librespot add-on running on libreelec on my RPi2. Audio output is through the 3.5mm port to my receiver. Normally there is no tv connected asthis is only used to send spotify to my old receiver.

    It used to work fine, but now songs are played slowed down. Maybe 80-90% of normal speed. This behaviour started about 2 months ago.

    I just tried connecting the pi2 to my TV through the hdmi port and lo and behold, the playback is fine through hdmi.

    Went back to 3.5mm, and it's still too slow.

    Any idea what might be going on?



    Thanks for this add-on! It mostly works for me. There are some hiccups and I was wondering if there is any way they could be fixed.

    I am running Libreelect 8.2.5 and the only service I have installed is the latest librespot addon 8.2.111 on my RPi2.

    My first hiccup is that I have to restart my Pi every time I want to start streatming. I probably just need to restart the service, but I just unplug and replug power to the Pi since it is headless. Otherwise the LibreSpot doesnt appear under available devices.

    Also, it seems to be only available to one user at a time. If my wife uses it on the ipad, I wont see it appear on my phone for a few days, and the opposite is also true.

    Any ideas?