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    Okay thanks for the comments. The Tanix TX5 looks good, I'm not seeing any in the usual spots (Gearbest etc.), are they discontinued? I have found a couple on eBay though so should be able to get one.

    It's possible that I won't even use the M8S Pro L myself now. I won't have too many issues with the remote (I have an A2 Lite remote coming) but since I have recently converted my Windows i3 machine to an LE only build it has been a joy to use. To change to the TV box requires that the windows box gets turned into a NAS box and networked to the M8S, and just introduces a whole lot more complexity into the system.

    I don't know if the Tanix would be much slower than the Pro L, I think for vanilla LE the 905X is good to go, I only got the 912 so I could mess around with the Android TV firmwares.

    I'm so confused. I've read too much and now I can't figure out what to get. I have an M8s pro L coming for myself, but I want to buy a new box as a present for my friends so they can play local content off a hard drive easily instead of burning everything to dvd (!!).

    But I don't know what to get. I just want a cheap box since it will only need to:

    • Play regular 1080 content (some x265 probably)
    • Play from a usb hard drive
    • Be easy to use and not annoying or slow or bad remote
    • Have wifi so it can scrape content

    It seems like every time I pick a box it has some issue, like "oh yeah this box is great but obviously wifi doesn't work on it". Or I get one that the remote doesn't work and maybe I end up needing two usb ports (one for remote dongle and one for usb hard drive) and the device only has one.

    Can anyone recommend a box? Will an S905W be good enough for this application? Or should I try and get an s905X or 912? Also it seems like a common issue that the included remotes don't work on LE, is that correct? If so, I have a few options; I could find one with an LE compatible remote, buy a cheap remote (xiaomi?) or they can have either my spare MX3 air-mouse ebay thingy or the voice remote from the M8S pro L if that works (I'm getting an A2 lite).

    Maybe I'm overthinking this and an M8S pro W is a good choice, or maybe a KM8 P?

    Apologies if this is not an appropriate place for this post, just not sure if the W will do the trick, or the X or the 912...

    Klojum thank you for your help, I turned fastboot off in the windows power settings, this released the drives from hibernation mode in Windows and they show up in LE now.

    I can't believe how fast and smooth Kodi is using LE instead of Windows, I may not even use the Mecool box I have on the way now if the LE system proves to be more stable than windows was.

    Okay thank you very much, I'll check for errors in Windows and also follow some of the steps I found recently to help windows to release the drives (turning fastboot off etc.)

    Then access via SSH and have a look what is going on there.

    I didn't know what behaviour to expect so at least now I know that LE will auto-mount if I can resolve the issues.

    Hi, I'm really sorry if this is a dumb question but I can't figure out what to do.

    I just installed Libreelec kodi onto a an i3 box that I was using as a windows media PC (running Kodi). Just wanted to give it a go really, I have an AMlogic box on the way too.

    Everything is installed and running fine but I can't figure out how to access the local hard drives that are in the system. There are 5 hard disks in the box connected by SATA. All the forum threads I have found mostly address network issues but they seem to suggest that Libreelec would just mount the local hard disks on boot normally? Or do I have to mount them manually? Or are they mounted somewhere in the filesystem and I just need to look in the right spot?

    There was also some talk about Windows not unmounting the drives properly or something but not sure if this applies here?

    Again apologies if this is really simple but I am just not sure where to begin.