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    The NUC7CJYH does not have 10 bit support as it only has an Intel 600 GPU, hence I think you are incorrect when you say it has 10bit support. Yes, HDMI 2.0 does support 4K @ 60Hz.

    The Vorke V5 is a much better product, providing 10 bit (GPU 610) AND 4K 60Hz via the DP.

    EDIT: My bad, HDMI 2.0 does support 10 bit. Sorry.:blush:

    Hi all,

    Looking to upgrade my S912 box that is presently connected to my old 1080p Samsung TV. Seen lots of comments about the future of AML products so I was thinking along the lines of Intel to try and "future proof" my purchase for both Kodi updates and my TV upgrade to 4K. Comments?

    So I was looking at this Celeron 3865U with 4/60GB, and was wondering if this was a good option. Will load it with LE and will only be used for mainly movies and as a PVR using TvH.

    Any comments greatly appreciated.



    Hi all,

    I have a TX92 running LibreELEC (wrxtasy-kszaq): and I want to disable the IR Receiver in the TX92 as I have installed a Flirc IR Receiver so I can place it into a better position. I'm also using a Harmony configured for Kodi and the Flirc.

    The problem is I'm getting double responses for most commands when using the Harmony.

    ir-keytable returns below when the Flirc is plugged in or not:

    1. ir-keytable
    2. Found /sys/class/rc/rc0/ (/dev/input/event4) with:
    3. Driver dib0700, table rc-dib0700-rc5
    4. Supported protocols: rc-5 nec rc-6
    5. Enabled protocols: rc-5
    6. Name: IR-receiver inside an USB DVB re
    7. bus: 3, vendor/product: 1415:0003, version: 0x0100
    8. Repeat delay = 500 ms, repeat period = 125 ms

    How can I disable the built in IR Receiver in the TX92 and keep the Flirc going?



    I believe I have found where the messages are coming from, however I have yet to figure out the cause.

    Today kodi.log contains these 3 entries:

    1. 06:00:37.694 T:3847222112 WARNING: CreateLoader - unsupported protocol(pvr) in pvr://channels/tv/All channels/pvr.hts_1873343440.pvr
    2. 06:00:37.694 T:3847222112 WARNING: CreateLoader - unsupported protocol(pvr) in pvr://channels/tv/All channels/pvr.hts_365774006.pvr
    3. 06:00:37.695 T:3847222112 WARNING: CreateLoader - unsupported protocol(pvr) in pvr://recordings/tv/active/The%20Bold%20%26%20The%20Beautiful, TV%20(10), 20181123_053022, 305751746.pvr

    And, if I look at the files table in the database MyVideos107.db, I find this.

    I know that if I rebuild the Videos DB the entries in the log go away for a while. I also know the entries in the log happen each time a videodatabase cleanup is done.

    So, what's the cause?



    The main issue with current Amlogic hardware is low-quality kernel source full of bugs and proprietary code and the amcodec interface which has lots of hacks to workaround the bad kernel source. We've cleaned up some major issues over time but there are lots of minor ones that aren't resolved - and won't be resolved (on that codebase). The long-term solution for Amlogic hardware is to move up to mainline kernels. This won't be a magic cure-all (new code = new bugs) but since the underlying codebase will be common to all our platforms (Generic, Raspberry Pi, Amlogic, Allwinner and Rockchip) the process of fixing stuff will no longer depend on someone working up the enthusiasm to poke sticks at a bad kernel source where fixing one thing frequently results in fresh breakage somewhere else. We are months (not years) from making the mainline jump.

    NB: I wouldn't read too much into the S912 future story as the situation has changed. Open-source alternatives to the missing libmali are taking shape, we are well engaged with the developers and Kodi support is a mutual goal. I'd estimate we're about six months from a usable solution.

    Thanks for the detailed reply, it's greatly appreciated. I have two questions:

    1. Would you recommend I stay with the AML platform (S912) and wait or swap to another platform like Allwinner or Rockchip?

    2. As the main usage of these boxes is to stream video, and the issue I have described is related to streaming, why are AML products being recommended when this bug clearly interferes with the boxes main purpose? Sorry, but I just don't get it ?(



    Hi all,

    Let's just say from the onset I'm really confused about this and I'm very new to Kodi/LE so please be kind with the comments.

    I needed to replace my dying PVR so thought I would build myself an HTPC and Kodi looked like a good option. Did some research on a few forums and asked about which hardware I should use. Got the following reply from one:


    Tanix TX92 / Vorke Z6 because they have a Gigabit ethernet port plus they will handle anything you throw at them when running LibreELEC Kodi Krypton.

    Plus I've seen S9xx devices recommended on this forum too, so it seemed like a fair enough option.

    So I purchased a TX92, installed LE (LibreELEC-S912.arm- and TvH and all seemed fine. I then started to get intermittent reboots after 5-6 hours of streaming live TV plus the occasional random freeze and the logs always ending with "CVideoPlayerAudio::Process - stream stalled". So I hit google and found this.

    If you read the thread it is exactly the same problem that I'm getting and on AML hardware. So I asked a couple of noob questions and it seems it's an AML known issue with comments like:


    A shame that AML never fixed their kindergarten bug, in deed. Even more a shame that users buy this crappy buggy hardware with kernels that even don't receive Bugfixes anymore and use an Android GPU driver as vendor did not want to support Linux at all.

    So, if this is an AML issue why would AML products be recommended at all and why don't I see heaps of posts with the same problem?

    Is this issue fixable and if so how?

    Have I got it all wrong, and if so please tell me?

    Sorry about the long post, and TIA,