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    Unfortunately I experience the same problems. I leave my PC (Intel NUC) on for 24/7, because I also use it to record live-TV. After the upgrade to LibreElec 8.0 (coming from 7.03) I have this problems. If I don't use the PC for a couple of hours then I have sound, I can start music or even a tv-show, only sound, no video. Turning on & off the TV, receiver doesn't make a difference. Switching to another HDMI on TV or receiver and then back to the correct HDMI also doesn't help.

    What's different though: I don't use CEC. I just use my Logitech Harmony to control my devices.

    Thanks for this great Add-on! It works like a charm!

    I previously tried to get EPG working with, but I couldn't get it working, because I don't know enough about Linux. All this EPG-grab XMLTV stuff is rather technical, but with your add-on it was relatively easy! Big improvement for the WAF factor in my living room!