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    Oh never mind - I figured out what the problem was.

    I updated LibreELEC to the latest development snapshot, but the plugins were not updated with it.

    When I re-compile all the visualization plugins to match the version of the LE snapshot and manually install the freshly build zip

    PROJECT=Generic ARCH=x86_64 scripts/create_addon visualization.*

    (plugins are in target/addons/9.0/Generic/x86_64)

    Well VSXU is still broken, but ProjectM works.

    I get

    ERROR: CBinaryAddonManager::GetInstalledAddonInfo: Requested addon 'visualization.projectm' unknown as binary

    But it just shows a black screen like the other visualisation plugins.

    VSXU gives an error message

    ERROR: Unable to load /storage/.kodi/addons/visualization.vsxu/, reason: /storage/.kodi/addons/visualization.vsxu/ undefined symbol: jpeg_resync_to_restart