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    So I have been setup for a number of years with Openelec and then LibreElec, feeding HDMI to my TV, and passing audio back to my receiver for sound with no problems. I just switched from an LG plasma to a Vizio E60-C3 TV tho, and, changing no settings in LE, I get all the audio EXCEPT the dialog. There are two TV audio output settings (Bitstream and PCM), and neither one seems to make a difference.

    The only way I can get the dialog is to change the number of audio channels in LE from 7.1 to 2, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of a home theater system.

    The only change I made was the physical TV. No software or other changes.


    OE -> TV via HDMI -> Audio out from TV via optical to receiver

    Note that I do NOT have any HDMI ports on my receiver. I have passthru audio off in LE.

    Any ideas what I can do here to get surround and dialog back?




    I don't think the existing Celeron supports the Intel HD graphics. If I'm going to upgrade tho I may as well get something that supports 4K. I'm bound to have it at some point.


    I don't care about having the Latest And Greatest as long as what I get will work, especially when I can save a couple hundred bucks on the difference (Apollo Lake vs Coffee Lake).

    I do miss the Good Old Days tho when one could just pick out the fastest processor and know you had the best one. Sigh.


    Klojum,'ve been running this system since 2012. RMA unlikely. :-)


    Well, the MB has 7.1 channel HD audio which is good.

    Video info:

    From the MB manual:

    Supports Intel HD Graphics Built-in Visuals: Intel® Quick Sync Video, Intel InTruTM 3D, Intel Clear Video HD Technology, Intel InsiderTM, Intel HD Graphics 2500/4000, Intel Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX)

    And going to, I find supported hardware for VAAPI:

    Intel HD Graphics 2000/3000 (in 2nd Generation Intel Core i7/i5/i3 Processor family)

    Intel HD Graphics 2500/4000 (in 3nd Generation Intel Core i7/i5/i3 Processor family)

    The Intel page says this for my Celeron:

    Intel HD Graphics for 2nd Generation Intel Processors

    And it looks like a Celeron is not an i3/i5/i7, even tho it is a Sandy Bridge CPU.

    Looks like I can get a core i3-2130 for around $80 tho.

    A Redeon looks to be $100. And it has a fan. I like the fanless NVIDIA GPU.

    So would my best bet here be to just get a new CPU once LE9 comes out?



    HI. New to LibreElec as of this AM. Discovered last night OpenELEC was dead. So here I am. :-)

    Was reading the Development update and found out my NVIDIA card is about to become obsolete: It will be useless in LE 10, and it sounds like it may have problems even in LE9.

    Am I reading all of that correctly? If so, can I just swap out my GT610 with something else and be good to go?

    I've got:

    4G DDR3 PC3 10666

    Celeron dual-core 2.5G CPU

    AsRock H77M mainboard

    Note that I currently don't have any 4k content or display abilities.