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    Hi Wrxtasy,

    thanks for your C2 build.

    Docker won't start with this version. Could you look into it ?

    I've just installed docker from the Libreelec Addons Repo.

    I've tried to start it manually with systemctl status service.system.docker, but:

    Well if the whitecream videos would overhead the pi, it should crash while playing the videos and not hours later.

    Unfortunately my backup is from a time where the crashs already started.
    I have deleted the MyVideos99.db and build a new db.
    Also i've deleted the thumbnails folder and db, because it get really big.
    Now i have to wait and see, what happens.

    Maybe i will try changing back to LE7.01 and check if it helps.

    I was hoping that the crashlogs would show always the same problem...

    I'm not sure, if its really a bug, because i haven't seen similar threats so far.
    My LE7.02 crashs every couple of days on Pi2.
    It started with 7.02, before it never happened.
    The crash occurs while the pi is idleing. My pi is always on, it stays in the mainmenu.