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    I can’t reproduce the issue with iOS Spotify app, and I have no Android device.

    Can anyone reproduce the issue?

    rklbrelc can you check if removing the cache of the Librespot addon fixes the issue (remove directory /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.librespot/cache).

    After many more tries, I became quite convinced that the problem is due to bugs in the Spotify Android app, and not in the Librespot addon.

    Specifically, I'm guessing it has to do with the use of AdAway (via a systemless /etc/hosts file) which causes problems. There is some talk in the various Spotify forums about this.

    Restoring /system/etc/hosts to its pristine state seems to solve most of the problem, and the remaining issues look pretty much the same for Librespot as they do for other (non Kodi) Spotify Connect clients.

    If I come up with anything demonstrably specific to the addon, I'll report here.

    Thanks for the help...

    (TLDR - After playing on librespot in kodi, it stays "stuck" on this device almost forever even after moving to different device)

    Hello friends,

    LibreELEC (Krypton) 8.2.5 MR, librespot 111q, Asus ChromeBox:

    Controlling Spotify (Pro account) on mobile device OnePlus3T with latest official OS (Android Oreo), and latest Spotify Android app.

    Since a few days ago, whenever transferring music play to Librespot, it doesn't "come back" to any other device.

    Meaning, the Spotify app still thinks that the librespot device is playing, even after touching another device or "play on this phone".

    The Librespot device remains "chosen" (in green color) even though actual audio is indeed played from the other device or from the phone.

    But of course, if I then want to resume playing in Librespot, I cannot! Since Spotify "thinks" that Librespot is already playing.

    (Sorry if the description is vague, it's difficult to explain :)

    Closing the app, or disconnecting/reconnecting WIFI, or even restarting the phone does not help. Eventually it gets cleared by itself somehow (after an hour or so?)

    To me it seems that Spotify (the company) changed something in the implementation of the Spotifiy Connect protocol (on server side) and now they wait for some end-of-connection data from librespot which they depend on, but do not receive.

    N.B. - this happens regardless of the auth mode in Librespot (discovery vs. username/password, and regardless of whether I set "show only local devices" in the phone app).

    If anyone has a clue or can help, many thanks, it's quite an annoying problem.

    And anyway thanks for the great addon :)