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    Can anybody help me? I use a S905x tvbox and I use this build on it. :Index of /s905/8.2/

    My problem is with live tv. specially watching pvr.

    I have a payed iptv account for television. While watching a channel there are not much problems, as long as it is left alone. The problem is with scrolling through the channel list. Suddenly the box freezes, the only solution is to take out the power connector and put it back to restart the box. This happens in iptv pvr simple client, sometimes in the channel list, in the epg listings and sometimes on the "recently played" selections. It never happens when I use other apps.

    sometimes it keeps working good for some time, another day I need to restart every 5 minutes. Very annoying and unpredictable.

    Please don't tell me you do not support these kind of builds. Since I have a s905x tvbox I have no choice. The kodi version is 17.6 If you realy need it I will upload a log. But it must be something recognizable for other people experiencing the same.

    The quality of the tv channels is very good, when it is running it keeps playing. The problem occurs when scrolling channels. Who knows what that is?

    Thanks in advance.