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    Poida, thanks for your feedback. .

    Thanks for providing an answer Uukrul.

    My Mecool M8S Pro+ does not show a shutdown menu in LE. Hitting the power button shuts the box down with no menu choices. Is there a way to enable the shutdown menu? I see it on all the other boxes I have.

    Would it be under power options, depending on the skin?

    I'm using AeonNox SIlvo on this and the rest of my boxes. The Mecool M8S Pro+ does not show a Kodi shutdown menu and all others do. I can't find a setting to enable the power menu. The power button shuts the box off. Looking for some help.

    Curiously there is no shutdown menu in Kodi/Android either.

    Same here. The dtb.img file provided wrxtasy will not activate the rear USB port. But use gxl_p212_2g.dtb with the remote.conf file provided by wrxtasy and the rear USB port will work again. Also confirm that wifi is no good

    I think in one of the Kodi forum threads, wrxtasy says that he uses the Khadas Vim device tree, maybe for better wifi. I have decompiled the dtb provided by wrxtasy and the header mentions "vim"

    Thanks Pajoe and sirzur. Rear USB now works.

    I just flashed 8.1.9 onto a brand new Mecool M8S Pro+. Everything works but wifi (I am aware of the wifi chip issue) and the rear USB port on the left side. I'm using the recommended DTB, but for some reason the port is dead. Is this a known issue? kszaq - coffee on the way.

    I've been successful in getting Balbes's Libreelec-812.MXIII_Plusarm-17.3 (June 8 2017 ) running via SD card on an M8S box. I then immediately updated to LibreELEC-S812.arm-17.4_20170915-MXIII_Plus.tar. So far so good. The build hasn't shown any problems.

    Thanks again balbes 150 for all your help.

    In 8.1.7 you can enable suspend/sleep mode manually:

    1. Go to \\Configfiles\sleep.conf.d (in Windows) or /storage/.config/sleep.conf.d (over SSH).
    2. Rename sleep.conf.sample to sleep.conf
    3. Open sleep.conf and remove this line: SuspendMode=false
    4. Reboot, enjoy.

    Question, I tried to change this via ssh (putty) and I get this permission error - .

    Can anyone advise how to fix this?

    I had no success booting with the balbes150 images on my MXIII-G 2g8g, so I went back to Demitris's build to see if I could get his image to boot. After some experimenting I was finally successful and now have a working image for version 8.2 RC2. The method I used for success was unusual, but was the only way I could get things to work. If you are looking for working images you should check Demitris's thread and you can refer to my instructions here:

    S802/S812-Libreelec images for 7/8/x

    Hope this helps.

    The Worked in getting this box to Boot Off SD Card. YAY! :)

    The rest is all downhill because what i believe is a Linux File System Used on this box that will pretty much Lock Out LE

    Unless i Flash Android and go again.

    At least you can boot the box now via SD. Half way to a solution.

    Sad to say i gave up. No way i wanted Internal Install and both SD Card / USB boots failed for me.

    My box is a Custom Linux Proprietary ROM Installed Internally and Bootloader Locked.

    Software updates come over the air.

    Pressed for time at the moment and haven't re visited this experiment.?(

    I did get this to work by SDcard and am running 8.2rc1 on my MXIII-G 2g/8g.

    I decided to reload LE 7.0.1c from Wilro's post on Freaktab - it worked well for me in the past):

    [ROM] Unofficial OpenELEC for MXIII-G & Tronsmart MXIII+ -
    I used the old method as described in the post second section- toothpick install to enable sdboot.

    1- Download "Enable SD card dual boot" zip file, copy file to sdcard/thumb drive (I used sdcard) -
    2. "Toothpick" boot your device into (original) recovery mode (took~30 seconds), select install ZIP from EXT & select "" Note that there was an error on the bottom line of the zip screen - E:/misc - I didn't write it down. It had no effect on the process.
    After the zip ran I formatted the sdcard with SDformatter v 5.0. Then burned the ROM image to the sdcard:

    1. Download Libreelec - see post on page 476 page 32 - I used the 7.0.1c link and downloaded this image -

    2. Unpack the image to your hard drive and then burn it to SD card - I used Win32diskimager
    3. Insert SDCard in box & boot your device - I pulled the plug before I inserted the sdcard (no toothpick needed) - This will take a while as it prepares the sdcard & installs the system for the first time - It will reboot when finished.

    4. As soon as Kodi loaded up I ssh'd into the box and put the Demitris update file along with the remote.conf and file into the update file and rebooted via putty.

    LE 17.4 loaded and has been running for some time with no obvious problems. I have rebooted a bunch of times and have had no problems.

    Hope this helps. You have certainly provided a lot of help to other users including me on other LE forms.

    Thanks kostaman and thanks to wilro_6276

    I used toothpick method but the box boots into Recovery Mode.

    That is what i don't understand with Demetris builds.

    I have used kszaq builds on old s805 chip boxes as well and they have a script to activate boot from SD Card during first install.

    Demetris builds do not seem to have a script to activate SD Card booting when doing a first time install to run LE from SD Card.

    That is what is not clear in everything I've read here to get LibreElec running from SD Card.

    kostaman, did you ever get an answer to your question?

    I've just finished reading 58 pages. I have cut and pasted numerous posts on how to install and run this build on an SD card so that I can try to make sense of it and I have to say its very confusing.

    My box is an MXIII-G 2/8. It ran great on Wilro's build (Freaktab) and unfortunately I wiped that SD card for Balbes's build and cannot seem to get it working again.

    balbes150's script does not work for me and I am not confident with this one.