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    I checked m,y Pi3B+ LibreELEC setup and it says I have an update......however the versioning seems off.

    Is that right? Does it go from 9.1.002 to 9.0.2?

    No, that looks like a cock-up... 9.1.002 is the 9.2 Alpha2 release which is more recent than 9.0.2, so I'm hoping it's an issue on the backend update server. We'll look into it.

    You should upgrade to 9.1.501 (9.2 Beta1) which we released today - you may need to manually apply the upgrade by downloading the tar file to the Update Samba share (as these are alpha/beta releases they're not being rolled out automatically to all users).

    What is the PC - a Windows PC, or a Linux PC? If Windows, is it up to date with all the latest security fixes from Microsoft that disable SMB1, or are you still relying on SMB1 support in the Windows PC? If Linux, have you enabled SMB2/SMB3 support (not normally enabled by default on most current Linux PC installations)?

    LibreELEC 9 doesn't support SMB1 out of the box and this insecure protocol needs to be enabled manually in LibreELEC (SMB1 is strongly not recommended).

    If the Zidoo is working, have you applied the same SMB Client settings from Kodi > Settings > Services > SMB Client, to the RPi4?

    Just noticed you posted a crashlog - you appear to be running an official x86_64 Generic LibreELEC 9.0.2 build so that should rule out zstd as being the cause of the error, but why you were trying to install a "9.0.1 build" that included "t8mini" in the filename baffles me. I would suggest asking on the Droidbox Forums: t8-mini.78

    Edit; WTF, the crashlog was from someone else's thread and I thought it was yours. Sorry!

    I still don't know how that offending update got into my .update folder and what it is supposed to contain. It has "t8mini" and the number 9.0.1 in the title so it probably originated from Droix, but they have disclaimed any knowledge of it. Don't know what the 9.0.1 indicates, either. But it certainly seems to have a bug in the install script.

    It certainly didn't come from LibreELEC!

    Without knowing how this 9.0.1 Droix image has been built it's difficult to say what the issue is. My guess would be that whoever built it may have switched to using zstd compression for squashfs - the problem being that zstd decompression isn't supported by pre-LibreELEC 9 kernels meaning a build such as 8.2.5 (or earlier) will not be able to mount the new SYSTEM image.

    zstd is supported by all LibreELEC 9 kernels, and (official) LibreELEC 10 releases will be using zstd squashfs.

    Are there any RPi 4 specific changes between 9.2alpha2 and 9.2beta1? It looks like the notes were mostly copied over from alpha2....

    Probably not so you'd notice, but it is using a new 4.19.y kernel with various bug fixes and new firmware for RPi4. Visual issues such as tearing in the GUI unfortunately remain.

    Is it possible to automatically update from v 9.2 Beta1 to the next (eventually stable) releases without losing the database and settings etc?

    Kodi only change database format with each major release, so if you're already on Kodi 18.x then you should not have to update database again until Kodi 19.

    Is the version of 9.2 Beta1 = 9.1.501?

    Confussing numbering and btw not available over the download_new web page ;)

    Yes... and I agree it is a little confusing, but our update process is based entirely on numbers so we have to use something less than 9.2.0 to represent builds that are not yet quite 9.2. Prior to this beta we were using 9.1.001, 9.1.002 to represent the "alpha" builds, so you can see there is a progression towards 9.2 with each release.

    Is no one having scraping issues in 9.1.002? Seriously - this is becoming a worry.

    I'm not aware of any issues right now - there were some issues a week or two ago because one of the websites updated their API but I believe that is now resolved (API change rolled back). Can you post a debug log of you scraping a movie that is scraped incorrectly? Is it every movie or just some movies?

    advancedsettings.xml is working fine (41,000 users can't all be wrong!) and if it's not working for your then you've probably made a mistake somewhere, or something else isn't working as expected, in which case please post your kodi.log as this typically reveals the underlying issue.

    If you're not able to connect to a MariaDB server from LibreELEC then enable "Wait for network before starting Kodi" in Settings > LibreELEC > Network > Advanced Network Settings - this is a common issue as Kodi frequently starts before the network has been brought up.

    I formatted the sd card to verify it wasn't a corrupt copy. Same problem. (I haven't verified the .img.gz I downloaded has the right md5/crc. I don't see where that's listed making it hard to check.)

    Pastebin as requested:

    edit: Also, I'm using a new 3a power plug.

    The crash you listed is one I've seen once, but haven't been able to reproduce so far which has made tracking it down difficult (it's somewhere in Kodi). It's odd you are getting this crash so often.

    I'm (fairly) sure if you keep trying you should be able to connect to your network. Not ideal I know, but this situation does seem a little unusual (based on local testing and lack of similar feedback so far).

    I'm on a Pi 4 and when I try to connect to wifi with the correct password (wpa2, 5ghz) half of the time it gives a Network Error Input/Output Error, and the other half of the time the Pi suddenly reboots without warning.

    (I don't see a Pi section to report this. My apologies if this is the wrong location.)

    Are you sure your system is rebooting, and that Kodi isn't crashing? If your system is actually rebooting then this might suggest a power related issue (or faulty hardware).

    Can you see if you have a crash log in /storage/.kodi/temp/kodi_crash.log (and upload it to a pastebin site if you do). Thanks.

    I'm not sure if the crash was due to using 2 monitors or having 1 4K and 1 HD monitor or if it was unrelated. I'd previous been scanning my NAS for TV programs and that took ages so not sure if I'd have had the crash anyway as a result of the really long scan.

    When I've scanned movies, I'll reboot and see if it starts up ok. Then scan TV programs and reboot again.

    Unrelated. The crash is due to data loss on your SD card, maybe you switched off without shutting down?

    You were missing the file /storage/.kodi/userdata/profiles.xml which can sometimes go missing after an improper shutdown (and other reasons we're not entirely sure about), but when it does go missing then Kodi will crash on startup. Copying the file from the safe mode installation to your FAILED installation is the quickest fix and avoids a re-installation.

    What is the issue?

    This: Pi4 not working with some chargers (or why you need two cc resistors) – The blog of Tyler Ward (aka scorpia)

    On reddit: Broken USB-PD power on Raspberry 4?! Almost of my usb-c power supplies do not work... :( : raspberry_pi

    It's an issue that appears to affect _some_ cables (it's not actually a charger issue, but a cable issue). It's not the end of the world, but might be nice to fix in a future rev - most users are unlikely to be affected with the current board revision.