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    No, I personally use no paid services at all on tx3 or any other box, so no netflix, amazon, zattoo-Premium or elsewhat here. The few live-tv-channels I need occasionally I get via zattoo basic and/or 7live-tv addons in Kodi. Most files I play are on 1tb external hdd(formatted ext4, but ext2 without journaling would be even some milliseconds faster), from 4tb in nas or Radiostreams via radio or somafm addons.. and because nand is so fast compared to pendrives or cards I prefer libre there with the mass of files to load-and the change in a existing dual boot rom is pretty easy and done in under 10 minute

    Good to know about the remote in LibreELEC.

    I will build a new version this weekend with the remote and LED changes and add addon support.

    I see the latest changes from Kwiboo isn't merged yet into LibreELEC, I will see if I can include all the changes, maybe the updated kernel changes also add power changes.

    The power is maybe a Kodi problem and it needs to enter standby/sleep mode instead of complete power off, I will check if I find something to help.

    There is an Advanced Power addon for Kodi/LibreELEC, maybe somehow it can help and work better than the libreELEC power icon?

    Check if you have this setting to change suspend: System -> System -> Power saving - Shutdown function (Enable Expert Settings first)