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    offbeat if you have video sample which causes out of CMA memory issue, I would appreciate if you can provide it to me. However, this should soon become issue of the past, I'm working for some time now on fixing all IOMMU issues and once fixed, Cedrus will use normal memory allocator instead of CMA. Interestingly, IOMMU is great debugging tool. If there is access outside of designated buffer, it complains. This already allowed me to fix some Cedrus bugs. Anyway, if you want to see current progress (some H264 videos and HW deinterlacing doesn't work), you can check

    GPU suspend issue is really unfortunate, but no panfrost developer on IRC seems to be particularly interested in fixing that (at least at time of asking some time ago). I looked into this quickly, but it's way over my head, GPU drivers are not my cup of tea.

    HDMI output can randomly drop out for a second, both during playback and in menu. Probably some output timings issues, since sometimes (rare though) TV gets confused and refuses to display certain Hz videos, requiring on/off cycle, which never happened outputing from my other STBs.

    I went over BSP HDMI driver code many times now and I believe everything is as it should be with latest nightly images, except maybe some minor HDMI PHY settings. I haven't experience any HDMI related issue for a long time. I learned the hard way that HDMI signal quality also depends on board design. During development of H616 HDMI driver I didn't have any luck of getting 4k output on OrangePi Zero2 board. It turns out, 4k also doesn't work with BSP kernel image. However, on H616 TV box, everything work as expected.

    H6 still needs algorithmdirtyregions=0 set in Kodi, otherwise any video will stutter.

    I don't experience that, not sure why.

    10bit HEVC plays just fine, 10bit VP9 isn’t really working yet (decodes to garbled pixels). Can’t vouch for colors, most likely TV only gets 8bit for now.

    True on all counts. VP9 driver is pretty new, nobody really worked on 10-bit support. I did a quick check, but nothing stands out. It needs detailed analysis. 10-bit HDMI output is being worked on.

    Note that ffmpeg decoding loop is not optimized for speed, ideally RPi ffmpeg code for HEVC should be reused (it uses same interface as Cedrus) since it was already improved for speed. Also HEVC supports AFBC "compression", which makes memory accesses more efficient and that translates to higher decoding speed. Needless to say, that also needs to be added.

    So, H6 still has a lot of untapped potential. Many issues/missing features are being worked on, but currently I'm busier than expected, so progress is slow. Some issues are not addressed at all, mostly because I don't experience them, so any kind of detailed analysis is impossible.

    if I start my PineA64 (or any other PC) before the TV turn on, I cannot see the Kodi interface, instead I see the last terminal message in the up left corner and the LibreElec logo in the center.

    This is probably Kodi issue, not LE. At this point it would be interesting to know if Kodi is running (output of top) and information provided by pastekodi

    I've tried to use edid.bin inside FAT partition and andd commands inside the extlinux.conf file, but the Pine64 does not start, and I got a critical error.

    You have to be much more specific than that. What exactly did you write, what edid.bin file did you use, what error did you get?

    I've tried to use the command getedid create but I got the error getedid: command not found.

    what are you trying to do with that command?

    Neither wifi nor IR receiver are present on Pine64+ board by default. Did you add any of them by yourself? If so, you should activate them via DT overlays first. Just add FDTOVERLAYS /overlays/sun50i-a64-ir.dtbo /overlays/sun50i-a64-pine64-wifi-bt.dtbo to extlinux/extlinux.conf on FAT32 partition.

    No, issues are not the same. 4K 10-bit decoding works, but as I said, colours are not 100% correct, because it's rendered as 8-bit. I'm working on this.

    I doubt you'll find any 1 GB RAM H6 box. Lowest specs are 2 GB and that's already enough. Note that most boxes use 100 Mbit ethernet for some reason. Also worth considering is wifi. Most chips are not supported, but at least for 3 most popular modules, drivers are WIP. Last but not least, only 2 distinct H6 boxes are supported by LE - Tanix TX6 and Beelink GS1. Most of cheap boxes on market will be compatible with Tanix TX6 image. However, they will probably have different IR remote keymap, which will make them impossible to wake from sleep via IR and of course, you'll have to set up your own IR keymap for navigating.

    hieppo At this time, very well. Recently, two HEVC fixes were merged, which will land in LE 10.0.2. However, HEVC already decodes correctly for me, even without those two fixes.

    What are your requirements? Note that 10-bit HEVC also works, but it's decoded and rendered as 8-bit. I'm working on this, but it will take a while to make whole pipeline 10-bit.

    Only x86 based images include X and even there X is on it's way out (HDR is not possible to implement with X afaik). So no, you can't run X app, unless you create custom image with X included. But that will probably bring another set of problems.

    Still trying to figure out my low library scan issue and saw this is being posted to dmesg every few seconds

    There are few ways you can check what is going on. With top try to determine which process takes most CPU time. I guess Kodi, but you never know. Next, you can check perf top, which will tell you which functions currently take most CPU time. This should give good pointer where to look next.

    dw_hdmi_cec_hardirq: stat=11 LOW_DRIVE

    Is this relevant?

    I don't think this should cause any issue. Actually, I'm thinking of removing that message or even whole patch, which introduced it. But yes, it's not ideal to have it. Are you testing this with monitor or TV? If on TV, toggle CEC state in TV settings (on <-> off). Note that TV manufacturers usually use different name for CEC, like simplink, viera link, etc.

    Side note: only 4K (4000x2250) movie was to slow. Music was correct but video was slow, hanging and jumping. For me that is no issue, as I don't have a 4K TV anyway.

    Ordinary 8-bit 4k should work, but the issue is in buffer/memory management (not enough CMA memory), so it falls back to SW decoding (press "o" during playback and check info). I'm working on IOMMU support, which would solve this issue completely, but it seems IOMMU driver doesn't always work correctly. This will take some time to solve.

    At least simple OpenGLES things like kmscube seem to render and output at 144FPS just fine, so it's only video plane output that has some glitch.

    Correct. I believe the issue is timing - HW scaler for video plane is a bit sensitive when registers are updated and I'm pretty sure we don't write them at optimal moment.

    Jernej, I have just tried that but it says it was unable to run one, or two media files and I can find info in log files.

    This is not debug log. Not a single line which would say "DEBUG".