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    Some H6 board using RGB port to connect display. from one board I have ,it using RGB port (PD0-PD21) connect Ti DLP3435 , so to support that board ,it need mainline support RGB Display output , then use i2c send some command to dlp3435.(Vendor kernel using opt3435 driver to do that but I can't find source code, only firmware provided)

    But now mainline currectly not support RGB output . although it support ,it will also encounter a conflict problem. rgmii phy(RTL8211) share the same pins with RGB port (PD0-PD21).

    Anyway , I guess support this type board Display need a long way to go .

    Your board could be supported, but first somebody (most likely you since others probably don't have interest in your box) have to submit board support patches to U-Boot and Linux. As soon as there is general consensus that they're ok (that can be before they're actually merged), I can add support for it here. If you want help with this, I can coach you, since I'm reviewer for Allwinner Linux patches and U-Boot contributor.

    Thanks for your reply, But in fact this model also have lot's of variant ,you can think this is a sunvell r69 , can using beelink_x2 image out of box . but some of them using LPDDR3, so need replace self-compiled u-boot manually.

    also, I even found some tanix tx6 variant board using LPDDR3.

    So, for these mess variant board , will manually compile and replace u-boot for temporary solution.