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    I have the same issue. I have upgraded from an RPi2 to an RPi4 and used LibreELEC's built-in backup/restore option.

    When I now try to install an addon from the 9.2 repository I get this error:


    2020-02-29 12:50:32.828 T:2342974320 ERROR: Requested path… not found in known repository directories

    2020-02-29 12:50:32.828 T:2342974320 ERROR: CAddonInstallJob[inputstream.adaptive]: failed to resolve addon install source path

    When I copy and paste the URL from the error message and SSH into the RPi4 I am able to download the zip using wget and install the addon from the zip file. So the network connections seems fine.

    What is going wrong here?

    What's your internet speed ? I have 40 Mbps speed but all my 4K streams stutters after 5 mins and the video bitrates were between 60-90 mbits, please share your thoughts

    My internet speed is 100 Mbps, but it's not relevant, since I was talking about 4K material being streamed from my local NAS.

    How are you guys testing 23.976hz playback? Sometimes I'll notice little jumps in the cadence of panning scenes etc, as if frames are skipped or there is a short lag, but I wonder if its my imagination, or an anomaly with the source itself, because I find its quite a difficult thing to spot for certain.

    I sometimes get this feeling too, but it only seems to happen at the start of a video. After a minute or so of watching the jumps seem to disappear and everything looks smooth.

    I have uploaded 7.95.beta5b build with some experimental changes:

    5b seems to handle the 4K material that I have a lot better thanks!

    Unfortunately I don't have a box with Gbit ethernet, so I'm using a USB Gbit adapter which reaches speeds of about 200 Mbit with iperf.

    This seems enough to play for example the webrips of "a certain car show" that didn't play very well on the previous beta.


    fractional frame rates are not fully working (frame jumps)

    Is this an amlogic specific issue?

    I thought I noticed frame jumps when I was watching a TV series episode (MKV, 23.976 fps), but it seemed to solve itself after pausing/unpausing the video?

    Yeah, the problem is solved! Like I thought the problem was the old uboot version of my device. After I updated the uboot to newest universal 0.6 version, I made a new sd-card with the generic 2GB RAM-1GBIT ETHERNET dtb file and rebooted to recovery. Now version 7.03.012c works like a charm!

    Where can I find this universal uboot 0.6 version? Thanks!

    I've decompiled your dtb.img into mxv.dts (device tree source) and as expected it is identical to mine.


    I'll be returning my box to Amazon UK and start the search again for a 2Gb box from a reputable seller.

    Thanks a lot for taking the trouble to decompile my dtb.img.

    If I read the mxv.dts file correctly, the box indeed has only 1 GB RAM (usable memory ends at 0x3f000000 and should end at 0x7f000000 for 2 GB).

    Also, the ethernet information shows "rmii" while a 1 Gbit dts file shows "rgmii" (I assume the "g" stand for Gbit?).

    I bought my box from an Aliexpress seller for about 30 euros, so it's not a real big loss. But I'm still going to complain. When I first got the box it was totally unstable, until they finally sent me the 20161009 firmware to flash and now it turns out the box doesn't have the promised specs.

    I'm in the exact same boat as you! I bought an MX V as well thinking it would have 2 GB RAM and a 1 Gbit ethernet port.

    Neither of which seems true. The box only boots LE using the gxbb_p201.dtb and not the gxbb_p201_2G.dtb.

    Also, I cannot connect it at 1 Gbit. I used the Android version of Iperf against my Synology NAS and I only get 94 Mbit.

    ethtool in LE shows it's only connected at 100 Mbit. Also, LE is acting weird with the MAC address. It starts with "C0:FF:EE". In Android, the MAC address looks "normal".

    I've attached the dtb.img from the original firmware. Is there an easy way to read it and check the real hardware specs of my box?



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    Why don't you buy a well known MINI MX or similar box which performs very well on the gigabit port.

    Thanks. I looked for that one but it seems to be sold out everywhere.

    I noticed in your signature you also have an MX IV 2GB/8GB. Does that also have a working Gbit ethernet port?

    Any other boxes with 2 GB RAM and a Gbit ethernet port you would recommend?

    Is there a list of supported chips by the Linux kernel somewhere?

    I found this one for example and it says "for Linux kernel", but it doesn't specify the chip.

    I've been looking for an S905 TV box with 2 GB RAM and a working Gbit ethernet port, but sofar haven't had much luck.

    I bought an H96 Plus from Gearbest and the ethernet port would connect, but upload speed was almost 0, making it unusable. Got refunded in the end.

    I also bought an MXV box from Aliexpress, but it's very unstable and hangs all the time. I got LE working on it, but it only connects at 100M. Still in discussion with AE about it.

    Here's the thing, toothpick or not my device will get stuck on the welcome logo with the SD card in. This is a nexbox a95x (s905) so the screen will just hang on "Nexbox" logo. Any help with my problem would be greatly appreciated.

    You could try by using the "Update & Backup" app in Android, choose a random zip file and let it update. On my Nexbox A95X (also S905) this will make it boot to LE on the SD card.

    Just upgraded my Nexbox A95X (1GB S905 version) to .007 and everything seems to work fine.

    Tested multichannel PCM with a blu-ray rip of "Gone In 60 Seconds" and it works, as long as you set the number of speakers in the System -> Audio output menu correctly (I used 7.1, didn't try with 5.1 yet).

    So I got a A95X and a MicroSD card with the img dd'ed to it in the slot. Those 5 files show up fine if I open the file browser in Android. I installed Quick Boot because I couldn't find anything else that would allow rebooting to recovery mode on it, but then that just gives me the recovery menu after reboot. Both "reboot to bootloader" and the other one just send me straight back into Android. I have no idea where to go from here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Try choosing a random zip file (for example a Kodi add-on) using the Update feature in the Backup & Update app. Make sure the SD card is inserted and select "Update".

    Worked for me on my Nexbox A95X.