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    Hi all, i recently bought a sonos play:1. My LibreElec setup is on a raspberry pi 3 with 2 external hdd's on it. From my windows computers in the same network i can access these shares bij going to the file explorer adress \\Libreelec\folder\MUSIC. is i try to add this in the sonos controller i get an error (900). I shared my kodi library and then it shows up in the sonos app but all my sub directories are gone. I only can see general stuff like 'artists' 'songs' etc. I woul like to see a tree structure where i can access all my sub folders that are located in the main MUSIC folder. Any help is welcome !

    Hi all, currently i have kodi krypton, libreelec running on a raspberry pi 2 with 2 usb drives connected. 1 Usb drive is powered external, the other one gets it's power from the usb of the pi 2. That setup worked flawless untill i started to fool around with Thoradia addons, currently i have couchpotato, jackett, sonarr, transmission activated and i notice a performance drop and my pi crashes a lot more then it used to. I want to keep using this setup so i was thinking to swapping the pi 2 for a Raspberry Pi 3 B+, 4x 1,4 GHz, 1 GB RAM. Would that work better? Thx for the advice.