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    dear friends,

    i got a Minix Z83-4U which doesn't seem to want to load with the current Build RR-20190305-fed2e29 neither with official 9.0.1.

    As far i understood, the problem is that it wants a 32bit EFI, which is present, however doesn't simply works...

    any idea how to get around this and load the latest build?

    i got after some trouble to load official 8.2.5 but again with the update method 9.0.1 doesn't work,

    perhaps something changed and messed things up?

    I have a Shuttle DS67U and after trying the LibreELEC 9.0 Remix i have the following questions:

    1) For HDMI-CEC do i have to use this adapter? With this will i be able to power up the HTPC from sleep and control menus/volume from TV remote control? Will this be done automatically or I have to insert manual code to LibreELEC?

    2) For Retrogaming... How do i install BT controllers? The DS67U has BT onboard, i also have a Nvidia Shield controller around so whats the process?

    3) I have an external HDD with MAME roms...however i cannot make the retroarch to see the external HDD and scan for the content? Is there any work around? Or i have to manually copy the roms to the SDXC card (which won't hold all content of course)...

    Lastly i will try the latest beta03 because with beta 02 i had wifi issues (sometimes it managed to work, but most times didnt) and report back to you.