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    First of all, thank you very much for the 9.0 update.

    I got it running on my MXIII MXIII 2G/8G boxes. So far as I can tell, everything seems to be working fine, except when I stop a video, Kodi just hangs and have to power cycle.

    I even reset librelec to factory defaults, but still happens.

    can can get log from SSH, so kodi is still running in the background

    I was able to update from 8.2.3 (Demetris) to 9.0 (Babels)




    I just put it in the update folder.

    I have a MXIII 2G. Everything seem to go perfectly fine except the remote didnt work.

    I had to revert back to 8.2.3 where everything works fine.

    I used my remote.conf file, it work fine on 8.2.3 but does not work on 9.0.

    Is there a solution to this?