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    all Codecs are enabled for HW decoding but when watching PVR TV channels the SW decoder is used. The xanr command shows the same like in Kodi

    Hi sky,

    thanks again for your support. It looks like the NUC does not like an specific HDMI port at the TV. But this is the ACR port which I have to use with the AVR were the NUC is connected to. So it looks like TV and Libreelec incompatibility as 4K 60Hz is supported at every port but not for example UHD Deep Colour (4:4:4). After connecting to the Deep Colour Port 4K 60Hz was working.

    regards René


    still the same with the new image. I have also checked the supported resolutions on the command line:

    So it looks like it is supported but not available in Kodi.

    regards René

    That is kind of tricky. All 3 components need to do the right thing. 4k UHD does not mean also with 60Hz. Look in the specs of you TV and AVR (deep). The NUC is capable of doing it, but there could be a firmware problem in all of the 3.

    Look here (with ssh on the NUC) "less /sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/i915_display_info" and you see what the GPUs is willing to do with the connected hardware. Also try direct connect to the TV and look again. If that works connect the second HDMI to the AVR just for audio. My setup works that way with a i3-8100, because my Onkyo 818 AVR does not do 4k, but my LG TV 55E6D does. Sometimes it is one of the HDMI cables, but just some times when they are old. My Onkyo as a example can scale up to 4k on the Output, but HDMI Inputs are only capable of Full HD 1920x1080.

    Hi Sky,

    thanks for your help. I tried already an direct conncetion with two different TVs. Both are 4K 60Hz cabable. I have also an H96 Pro+ Android TV Box and here all is working fine including 4K 60Hz. So I believe the problem is on the NUC side.

    best reagards René


    I have finally received my new Intel Gemini Lake NUC NUC7CJYH. I was able to install skys custom Libreelec build "8.2.5-6.42 kernel 4.17 for UHD 630 / Coffee Lake / Gemini Lake". All is working good except the 4K 60Hz I was only able to get 4K 30Hz. I hope somebody already has solved this issue and can describe what I do wrong here. Each help is really appriciated. I use the following equipment.

    - Intel Nuc NUC7CJYH

    - Denon AVR X3200W 4K Receiver

    - LG UC970V 4K TV

    best regards René