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    Hi all,

    I'm trying to cross-compile LibreELEC for Raspberry Pi 3, to add some touch driver. (Touchsupport)

    The PC is on Kubuntu 18.4 x64.

    The compilation stops when it compiles cpluff (in Kodi/lib)

    The "undefined reference to `tputs' " seems to be an ncurse lib issue, but it's already in my package folder.

    Does anybody have an idea to fix this error ?



    Hello all,

    I have the same issue compiliging LibreElec for Raspberry Pi 3. (compilation on Kubuntu 18.04 x64)

    I maybe have a solution:

    1) Replace
    PKG_VERSION="1.2.8" to PKG_VERSION="1.2.9"

    in the file

    2) Clean zlib

    PROJECT=RPi2 ARCH=ARM scripts/clean zlib

    3) Compile the new package

    PROJECT=RPi2 ARCH=ARM scripts/build zlib

    4) Then, copy the files

    cp ~/ ~/
    cp ~/ ~/
    cp ~/ ~/
    cp ~/ ~/

    It seems to work... until now... the compilation still running