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    That's possible. I hardly look in that section myself, as most of my LE devices are connected via ethernet cable, and hence I have no wifi fuss. :)
    For static IPs it's best to adapt your router for fixed addresses. Saves a ton of work from having to reprogram each connected network device.

    But good to hear it all works now.

    Yep that's exactly how I setup my Static IP from my router as it was already setup like that prior.

    I would also use ethernet but we're both TVs are connected does not make it possible unless I run 50 ft of Ethernet wires.

    Got it back working. Still don't what the issue was, but I went back in and switched the connection to DHCP, then saved, then went back and switched it back to manual, and added the Static IP I originally had again, even though it was correct the first time. and then saved it, and then it connected and went back online.

    No clue what the issue was, but it's back online. Now I know i can change my WiFi password with no issues, cheers

    OK I did a test before changing the password, I delete it in the network settings, I then went back and clicked on connect and entered the passphrase again, and once done, all it says is ready, doesn't show the globe showing it's connected to the internet. I check settings and it says either to disconnect, edit, delete or refresh, but still doesn't show the globe. I did reboot Kodi, but still doesn't connect, do I need to reboot the router to get it to get internet access again ??

    Hello all and thanks for allowing me on this great forum.

    I have to 2 RPI's 2 and each use a dongle to connect to the internet, I'm thinking of changing my password on my current router, I assume in doing so, my dongles would stop working unless I enter the new router password ?? If this is the case, I looked in the LE settings, and I didn't see anywhere for me to change the wifi password. I do not use any SW application to access the pi, I simply use LE settings to do so. Is there a place in Kodi to edit the dongle password, or is this done in the LE settings features. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place.

    Or do I have to connect the dongles to the PC again and change the password from there if I change the router password ??

    Not my expertise so figured I's ask here before I mess tings up. TIA 8)